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28th August 2013
The fables of AG
Title of film: Portugal The Man, Modern Jesus directed by AG Rojas
Rojas' latest video is epic in all senses, every frame a flicker of something more extraordinary

We thought AG Rojas had been rather quiet recently and a 20-day shoot across 15 states filming for his latest music video, Modern Jesus for Portugal The Man, is the reason why. It was worth the wait.

Also, press Related Content button to see production stills shot by Michael Ragen of the journey and AG’s delayed release of Spirtualized’s I Am Who I Am.


Portugal The Man, Modern Jesus

Production Company: Caviar, LA

Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson

Producer: Anna Rau, Corbett Jones

Director: AG Rojas

DOP: Michael Ragen

EP: Producer: Terry Huynh

Editor: Justin Dial

Assistant Editor: Sam Griffith

Telecine Company: The Mill

Colorist: Gregory Reese


Spiritualized, I Am Who I Am

AG Rojas, Writer + Director
Anna Rau + Corbett Jones, Producers
Carmela Makela, Production Supervisor
Aaron Paulson, First Assistant Director

Michael Ragen, Cinematographer
Natasha Newman-Thomas, Stylist
Justin Dial, Editor
Terry Hyunh, Post Supervisor

Ari Robbins, Steadicam Operator
Zac Adams, Assistant Cameraman
Dave Whittaker, Gaffer
Albee Winbush, Key Grip


Asher Edwards, Executive Producer

Summer McCloskey, Producer
Benoit Mannequin, Supervisor
Clement Renaudin, Artist
Lisa Ryan, Artist
James Tilett, Colorist