27th March 2012
Music Video Greats
Title of film: Madonna, Girls Gone Wild
Director: Mert & Marcus

Mad march hares abound in promoland this month, as Madonna flirts with controversy, Yoann Lemoine creates a death wish for Lana Del Ray, and AB/CD/CD perseverate in a cycle of repetitive behaviour. Leaving aside the neurological quirks, there’s more placid offering for Bon Iver’s latest and AG Rojas creates raw, emotional short film for Spiritualized.

Madonna, Girls Gone Wild, directed by Mert & Marcus
Given it’s for a song called Girls Gone Wild, Madonna’s latest promo features an awful lot of boys. Going kinda wild. And, um, writhing about the place in stilettos … and… sorry… I got distracted. Think of it as Vogue 2, ponder awhile on the sexist double standards that led to it being banned on open view on YouTube, and enjoy. Directors Mert & Marcus: we applaud you.

Spiritualized, Hey Jane, directed by AG Rojas (See Related Content)
Director AG Rojas allows us a glimpse into a tale of hardship, death and parenthood in this promo for Spiritualised’s latest track Hey Jane. Featuring the beautiful drag artist Tyra Sanchez as a transwoman juggling young children and difficult punters it’s a piece of filmmaking that’s both epic and personal.

Bon Iver, Towers, directed by Nabil (See Related Content)
And now to calm things right down. Beautiful cinematography and subtle surrealism combine as director Nabil creates a whimsically sad tale of life and death for the new Bon Iver track Towers.

Lana Del Rey, Blue Jeans, directed by Yoann Lemoine(See Related Content)
Seriously, it looks like Yoann Lemoine has found his muse. In his second collaboration with Lana Del Rey, the director casts a semi-Lynchian vibe and casts the songstress as a Mullholand Drive mermaid basking in an inky black swimming pool.

Factory Floor directed by AB/CD/CD (See Related Content)
AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive. AB/CD/CD get repetitive.
AB/CD/CD get repetitive in their new promo for Factory Floor.


Madonna, Girls Gone Wild

Directors:  Mert & Marcus.

Post production: Prime Focus.

Grading and DCP: Duncan Russell.

Producer: Chris ‘Chops’ Chard.

Spiritualized, Hey Jane

Director: AG Rojas

Production Companies: Caviar (Los Angeles), Somesuch & Co. (London)

Somesuch & Co Executive Producer: Tim Nash
Executive Producers: Jasper Thomlinson, Michael Sagol
Producer: Anna Rau
DP: Michael Ragen
Commissioner: Juliette Larthe
Main Cast:
Frida: James Ross
Darius: Jeremiah Ross
Lucy: Madison Wellons
Tourist: Justin Geer
Bon Ivor,  Towers
Director: NABIL
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
DOP: Larkin Sieple
Editor: Isaac Hagy
FX/Post: andeffects.com
Color: Brandon Chavez
Prop towers: Adam Lawrence
Production Company: NE Direction
Lana Del Rey, Blue Jeans
Director: Yoann Lemoine
Executive Producers : Charles Marie Anthonioz / Coleen Haynes @ BlackDog films for Iconoclast
Producer : Oualid Mouaness
Cinematography : Rodrigo Prieto
Factory Floor, On Hold
Director: AB/CD/CD
Production Company: Partizan
Music by Factory Floor (real love)
DoP: Nicolas Loir
Edited by AB/CD/CD and Nicolas Larrouquere
Color grading : Dtouch