19th November 2012
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: Sigur Ros - Valtari
Director: Christian Larson
Production Company: Black Dog Films
From choreographed brilliance to heart-breaking purity, take your time and breathe in this beautiful line-up of the world's best promos

Every one a winner, roll through Related Content to see them all:

Sigur Ros, Valtari directed by Christian Larson, Black Dog Films

Purity Ring, Lofticries, directed by AG Rojas, Caviar Content

Keaton Henson, Sweetheart What Have You Done to Us, directed by William Williamson

Mumford & Sons, Lover of Light, directed by Idris Elba and Dan Cadan, @radicalmedia

Skrillex ft. The Doors, Breakin’ a Sweat, directed by Radical Friend, Friend

Ed Sheeran, Give Me Love directed by Emil Nava, Pulse


Sigur Rós, Valtari

Production Company: Black Dog Films

Written and Directed by: Christian Larson

DP: Mattias Montero

Executive Producers: Svana Gisla, Debbie Garvey

Producer: Noreen Khan

Choreography By: Sidi Larbi

Dancers: James O’Hara, Nicola Leahey

Editor: Christian Larson

Supporting Editor: Emanuel Asamere

Telecine: Pana, UNCLE Berlin

Online: Unit, London

Sound Design: Erik Olsson, Redpipe

Graphic Design: Hi-Sim Studios


Purity Ring, Lofticries

Production Company: Caviar Production Company Location: LA Executive Producer: Michael Sagol Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson Executive Producer: Cathleen Kisich Producer: Onye Anyanwu Director: AG Rojas Cinematographer: Michael Ragen Production Designer: Ashley Fenton

Editorial Company: Caviar Editorial Company Location: LA Editor: AG RojasStylist: Natasha Newman Thomas Hair/Makeup : Anna Branson SFX Makeup: Emily Blackmun VFX: MPC LA

VFX Supervisor(s): Benoit Mannequin VFX Team: Clement Renaudin, Katerina Arroyo VFX Producer: Summer McCloskey Colorist: Ricky Gausis Telecine Producer: Amanda Ornelas


Keaton Henson, Sweetheart, What have you done to us?

Director and Producer: William Williamson
DOP: Will Hanke & Mark Nutkins
Camera Operator: Jonathan Iles
Focus Puller: Tom Walden
Grip: Tom Pittman
Production Manager: Leo Fawkes
Editor: Yas Otsuki
Colourist: James Drew
Lighting Assistant: Mark Gee
SFX: Jamie Roberts and Hannibal Morris
Stills Photographer: Sophie Harris Taylor
Runner: Jack Bridges
Special thanks to Kevin Gardner at KG Lighting, Movietech, Panalux, Philip the boat man, and the man in Greenford.


Mumford & Sons, Lover of Light

Directors: Idris Elba and Dan Cadan

Production company: @radicalmedia

Producers: Leopoldo Gout & Ben Schneider
Editor: Julia Knight, Trim


Skrillex  ft. The Doors, Breakin’ a Sweat

Director: Radical Friend

Production Company: Friend

Producer: Jonathan Wang
Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger
Production Designer: Peter Klein
AD: Chad Nicholson
Costume Designer: Mindy Le Brock
Stunt Coordinator: Jessica Harbeck
Editor: Luke Lynch
VFX/Composite: Bonnie Brae, Bemo, Jeff Dotson
Lead 3D Character Animator: Erik Lee @ Super Giant
Render: Yates Holley
Executive Producers: Coleen Haynes@RSA, Brian Welsh@Good Co, Charles-Marie Anthonioz@Iconoclast