6th November 2012
Beauty in Dread
Title of film: Dread - Short Film
Director: AG Rojas
Production Company: Caviar
A soaring music score that spans the pining piano of Philip Glass through the headsmashing industrial beats of Ministry underpins the latest short, Dread, from 1.4 regular AG Rojas

It’s rare that we find ourselves typing the word remarkable but that’s the only word to describe Rojas’ growing directorial voice. Deceptive in its simplicity but ingenious in its dismissal of all boundaries between contemporary filmmaking genres, Dread marries moments that pull on music video editing styles with the considered cinematography of short film and an added layer of legitimate fashion image making. Or to put it another way, he’s doing it all, doing it in one go, and doing it to the next level.

Take 8.06 minutes out of your day to be moved, stunned, exhilarated.