• Death on the Road directed by Danny Sangra

  • The Lovers directed by Kendy Ty

Tuesday 18th Feb

Love and death

Two short films about what really matters

Two film makers, Kendy Ty in Paris and Danny Sangra in London (LA too), are REALLY good at never ever stopping making their own films, always creating, always evolving.

We asked both directors one question: How did the idea for the narrative come about?

Danny Sangra:
The idea came from when I was driving with my girlfriend.
It was a long drive and realised we were singing along to loads of songs
Without really knowing the words. At first it was
Just going to be a road trip film.
The death scene is a little nod towards the feature film
I am currently working on.

Kendy Ty:
This idea came from my way to see life.
I just wanted to expose my feelings :)

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