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8th November 2013
Short films roundup
Title of film: The Cub
Director: Riley Stearns
You don't need to look twice at the still above to know something weird is going to happen. And it sure does. Look in Related content for more gripping, moving, inspiring and clever films...

The Cub, Written, Directed and Edited by Riley Stearns

Alone Time directed by Rod Blackhurst

Behind the Move, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Kendy Ty

Independence directed by David Altobelli


The Cub

Written/Directed/Edited By Riley Stearns

Produced By Jamie Kaye Wheeler

Executive Producers Riley Stearns & Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Cinematographer Michael Ragen


Alone Time 

Director | Rod Blackhurst

Producer | Josh Murphy
Executive Producers | Paul Pathikal + Eric Hollenbeck
Co-producers | David Ebeltoft + Chris Suchorsky
Associate Producer | Marcella Castro
Written by Rod Blackhurst + David Ebeltoft
Director of Photography | Adam McDaid
Editor | Suzanne Spangler
Composer | Tyler Strickland
Sound Designer | Jamey Scott
Strategic Partner | MBED

CREW: 1st AC – Andrea Boglioli , Grip – Chris Suchorsky, Hair/Make Up – Emma Berley, Gaffer – Eric Fahy, Location Sound – Brian Trim, Andy Mellon, Colorist – Ivan Miller, Stephen Ling, Set Photographer – Andy Mellon, Wardrobe – Rachel Blackhurst, Wardrobe Stylist – Eileen Eastburn, PA – Susan Alvarez


Behind the Move

Directed/Filmed/Edited by Kendy Ty



Director: David Altobelli
Producer: Sarah Park
Production Co: Riff Raff Films, Vice Films
Exec. Producer: Matthew Fone, Al Brown
DP: Larkin Seiple
Production Design: Almitra Corey
Music: Perfune Genius, Hammock