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19th July 2013
Night work
Title of film: Veuve Noire Short Film
Director: Kendy Ty
Paris-based Kendy Ty writes, shoots and edits short films in his spare time on zero budget. Take a look at his latest beautifully shot intrigue

Did you shoot Veuve Noire outside of your day job?

Yes during the day I’m community manager for a website so I shot everything in my free time in my usual DIY way with my small Canon 550d and the sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. I know how to edit and post produce so I it was a one-man band process.

What was the most challenging aspect of the production?

The most challenging aspect of this project was that as usual I made it with 0 euro budget. Well, I did spend 16 euros on renting a car that my buddy David Dang (a director too) drove while I filmed the bike scenes. But making a short film alone without any help is always a challenge I guess.

What prompted you to make this particular film?

I’d been doing a lot of documentaries recently and wanted to return to making a narrative short film. I knew Audrey Giacomini, the actress, since I met her on the set of the Rainbow People campaign which I’d shot and thought it would be awesome to a make a project together.

And how did you evolve the idea?

The initial idea of the plot was about a girl who kills people randomly. But I wanted to make something poetic, atmospheric with everything suggested without any violence on screen. So this concept evolved of a girl who decides to kill what she loves the most to be free: her boyfriend. But once she kills him, she realizes that she’s not free at all so she kills people randomly to feel this strange feeling that reminds her of her boyfriend.

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Director/Cinematographer/Edit/Sound design: Kendy Ty Cast: Audrey Giacomini and Florent Bizec