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7th June 2012
Knockout tournament
Title of film: Goal Celebration FX
Director: Surrender Monkeys
Surrender Monkeys' off-side vfx winner

Surrender Monkeys the new London-based collective of directors, creatives and designers is only about two minutes old but already know how to grab the world’s attention with their films.

Following on from their music video Saboteur for The Kooks, we talk with Thierry Alberts about Surrender Monkeys’ latest creative exercise, Goal Celebration FX, which they did just for fun…

“and to get a bit of PR as we’re still young and hungry directors. We’ve had a lot of great feedback, even clients got in touch with us, so it’s all good.”

It’s a vfx fest, does one of the Monkeys have special powers or did you collaborate with an ingenious outsider?

For the VFX we used the help of Amanar a whizz kid in Algeria.

Did you spend forever fast forwarding through footage to find ideal clips?

We spent ages going through footage, indeed, and our favourite moment is Thierry Henry and his puppy, don’t you think he looks super cute?