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28th August 2014
Out on a limb
Title of film: Dirty Vegas, Setting Sun
Director: Surrender Monkeys
Production Company: BOLD
1.4 catches up with Thierry Albert, who with Faustin makes up the troop Surrender Monkeys, on their latest exercise

Do you both think alike, is one Monkey trying to tame the other, or do you both push each other on to take an idea further?

We are two truly cheeky monkeys so when one of us has an idea the other one grins, throws his banana in the bin and tries to make the idea even crazier. 
The world as it stands needs more funny ideas to put more smiles on more people’s faces. It is our quest. 

When was the moment when the idea occurred to you to make a video on yoga with the protagonists, er, up their own arses?  Were there any other ideas that you shelved?

We are both black belt in Ashtanga Yoga and ostrich lovers at the same time. 
So when we listened to the song for the first time we thought that it was the perfect opportunity to mix those two passions of ours. 

We have a drawer full of crazy ideas, so if you fancy a worldwide web with more wacky music promos, please send your track to

Where was the shoot? Any major challenges during the production? 

It was shot on one of the nudist beaches around Barcelona during a beautiful Saturday in June 2014. Thanks to our amazing producers at Bold and our Spanish friends at Smile, we had no major challenges during production.
Unless you consider a bad sunburn on one of the protagonists’ bottom cheeks being one. 

It’s been 18 months now since you both moved to Amsterdam to become the W+K creative directors of Heineken and now as the directing duo, Surrender Monkeys, you have signed to Bold in London for music videos. What is Surrender Monkey’s main raison d’etre – does it inform your commercial work and vice versa? 

Faustin and I are mourning the days of the truly mad music promos from directing collective Traktor back in the days. So we’re trying to breath a bit of that spirit back in the promos we get our hands on.  Thinking outside the box and searching for wacky ideas keep us very much alert and does feed our daily job on Heineken of course. So it’s a win win situation.

The guys at Wieden have been very supportive which is amazing. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to direct one of the Heineken ads. They are super fun to make. 

Production Company: BOLD
Directors: Surrender Monkeys
Exec Producer: Rob Godbold
Producer: Jonas Hendrix at Smile Barcelona
Production: Ana Alonso
DP: Cosmo Campbell
Editor: Will Judge at Gentleman Club Amsterdam
Post Production: Moving Picture Company
Producer: Julie Evens & Amy Richardson
Flame Artist: Iain Murray
Colourist: Richard Fearon
Yogi: James French
Agent: Gregg Millard
Student: Lindsay Jay Johnston
Agent: W Athletic