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6th June 2012
Rock and rollercoaster
Title of film: Buenos Aires, Inception Park
Director: Fernando Livschitz
New director: Fernando Livschitz takes us for a hair-raising ride around Buenos Aires

Oh yessireee. Take a look at this post production wizardry married with a great creative idea by Argentinean new director Fernando Livshitz who has a knack or two with colours, camera techniques and special effects. You can see more videos as well as some of his illustrative work in Related Content.

Your work draws on technical expertise – whether it’s the wonderfully layered rollercoaster whooping around Buenos Aires or the tilt and shift of New York. Where does this ability come from – did you train in vfx?

I studied communication and cinema but have always had a passion for post-production, so my look is based on effects. However, I always try to bring a realistic aesthetic to my work and I try to develop ideas which are not based only on post production, but also have some other creative element.

What were the main challenges of making Parque?

Achieving believable realism – that we are really there witnessing an amusement park in the city and feeling the thrill of a fun fair combined with the architecture of a city.

Was it a personal project or were you commissioned to make it?

It was an artistic project, something personal.

What’s next?

I’m producing a piece that is a mixture of events from childhood to the present.

Do you work in the dark rendering away forever?

My workspace is very bright.