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28th February 2020
Bright spark
Title of film: Metronomy, Whitsand Bay
Director: Sam Davis & Tom Andrew
Production Company: DadBod Films
So simple, soooo good. Directors Sam Davis and Tom Andrew’s video for Metronomy trails a retro light searching across the most unreachable and unwanted places to party.

How did the idea come about? 

This idea was born just over a year ago now. We’d been a little obsessed with the beauty in the mundane… by that I mean, the things that occur in the everyday that you just can’t take your eyes off.

It’s hard to give examples as these moments are quite subjective.

Did the video come together in the edit or was everything mapped out in pre-prod?

A bit of both really. The nature of the idea created quite an unpredictable shoot. There were a few shots we hadn’t planned and some we wanted that we had to drop.

What was the most challenging part of the production?

Shooting at blue hour in February for five days. We’d wake up at 5, take the light to the location and we’d be done by 7 just in time for breakfast. This meant we had the whole day to recce for the evening blue hour.

And physically lugging this mammoth light around the UK… It weighs a lot and a few of those locations were hard to reach… especially in the dark.

DadBod Films

Director: Sam Davis Director: Tom Andrew Executive Producer: Rob Wildsmith Producer: Jack Bingham Directors Rep: Claire Stubbs Director Of Photography: Yannick Hausler Gaffer: Hélio Ribeiro Lighting Design: Brendan Clarke Location Manager: Steve Mason Location Assitant: Ed Mason Editor: Joe Walton Vfx Producer: Alasdair Patrick Lead Flame Artist: Mark Chapman Colourist: Connor Coolbear Vfx Supervisor: Nick Turner