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23rd December 2013
Good stuff
Title of film: Metronomy, I'm Aquarius
Director: Edouard Salier
Production Company: Somesuch & Co, Iconoclast
Continuing our Christmas series of showcasing great work... Edouard Salier's cosmic odyssey

Metronomy is back with a new album and Edouard Salier has directed a stunning video for the first single.


Director: Edouard Salier

Production Companies:

Somesuch & Co, Iconoclast

Producer: Lee Groombridge

Executive Producers: Sally Campbell, Tim Nash, Mourad

Production Manager: Peter Arboine

1st Ad: James Dyer

2nd Ad:Danny Groombridge

Director Of Photography: Arnau Valls

Focus Puller: Dan West

2nd Ac:

Deepa Keshvala


Sid Jones

Production Designer:

Jon Henson

Art Director:

François Peyranne

Editors:Fred Olzak, Sylvie Landra

Commissioner: Jane Third

Commissioner: The Creator’s Project

Head Of Music: Natasha Tan