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25th February 2016
Ringan’s techno chiller
Title of film: Massive Attack, Young Fathers - Voodoo In My Blood
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Better known for his warm and wonderful commercials, Ringan Ledwidge shows his dark side in this brilliant, chilling music video featuring “Gone Girl” Rosamund Pike possessed by a demonic orb. Shot in London’s Joe Strummer Subway the disturbing film is for Massive Attack’s track Voodoo in My Blood with vocals by Young Fathers, described by Massive’s Robert Del Naja as “currently the best fucking band in the world”. Rosamund Pike was quoted in Rattling Stick’s press release as saying, "Am I involved?... Someone said the girl in the video looks like me. I have been to the Joe Strummer subway. I did have a strange encounter there once."
Massive Attack feat. Young Fathers, Voodoo in My Blood Video Commissioner: James Hackett, Virgin Director: Ringan Ledwidge Production company: Rattling Stick Cinematographer: Franz Lustig Production designer: John Beard Initial concept art (ORB): James Clyne (ILM) Choreographer: Scarlett Mackmin Exec producer: Andy Orrick Producer: Ellie Fry Production manager: Tiwirayi Magwenzi Production co-ordinator: Rory Macrae Location manager: Tom Petch 1st assistant director: Jez Oakley 2nd assistant director:: Henry Forsyth Runners: Esrael Alem, Alex Von Brockdorff, Riccardo D’Amico Focus Puller: Jeff Vine Clapper Loader: Christian Swain Grip: Llewellyn Harrison DIT: Alix Milan CCTV operator: Nick Barber Sound recordist: Howie Nicol Play Dave Bagnall Gaffer: Reuben Garrett Electrician: Matthew Butler Electrician: Adrian Mackay Electrician: Anton Stuber ART DEPARTMENT ASSISTANT: Arthur Rambo SFX TECHNICIAN: BOB THORNE AT ANARCHY MODELS SFX TECHNICIAN: James Churches SFX TECHNICIAN: Carrie Drake COSTUME DESIGNER: Natalie Humphries WARDROBE ASSISTANT: Ellen Crawshaw MAKE UP ARTIST: Spob O’Brien MAKE-UP ASSISTANT: Tiffane Williams MANICURIST: Lee Moore WINNEBAGO DRIVER: Paul Bulicz CAMERA CAR DRIVER: Alister Bugge PARAMEDIC: Paddy Nicholas EDITOR: Rich Orrick (Work Post) PRODUCER: Winnie O’Neill INITIAL CONCEPT ART (ORB): James Clyne (ILM) TITLES DESIGN: Hingston Studio POST PRODUCTION: Electric Theatre Collective (ETC) VFX PRODUCER: Libby Behrens CG LEADS: Julien Soulage, Graeme Turnbull CG ARTISTS: Giuseppe Bufalo, Sean Elliott, Oscar Hill, Khayat Rimelle, André Correia, Ilaria Introzzi, Guglielmo Gagliano Candela, Annie Rowland, Luping Shi 2D LEAD: James Belch 2D ARTISTS: Andrew Stewart, Mike Simons, Alex Grey, Rafa Vormittag, Ryan Knowles COLOURIST: Lewis Crossfield SOUND DESIGN: Wave Studios SOUND DESIGNER: Aaron Reynolds Actor: Rosamund Pike Agent: Dallas Smith (United Agents) Assoc Agent: Sophie Austin Assistant: Sarah Roberts Manager: Shelley Browning (Magnolia Entertainment, LA)