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30th January 2023
sAy sOMETHINg…. wAtch sOMETHINg bRilliANT
Title of film: Lil Yachty, Say Something
Director: Crowns & Owls
Production Company: Happy Place
London-based independent directing / creative trio Crowns & Owls take Lil Yachty on an inward journey of unrequited love in this hilariously surreal and beautifully crafted video, sAy sOMETHINg


What was the writing process like – was it in tandem with lil Yachty?

The writing process was a journey, we started on the project back in September. We always want to be associated with artists who are taking a left turn on doing something bold and Yachty’s new album is definitely both of those things. Originally we were quite deep on working on a different track but the more we talked it through with Yachty and his creative directors, the more we realised that song was just too wild for a video – there’s some songs that you shouldn’t make videos for as they will never live up to the mind’s eye, and that other song was one of them. 

Say Something has a clear intention lyrically, so it sets up a good parameter of unrequited love from which we went on to build a fever dream. We wanted the narrative to be anchored around the moment where you tell someone you love them for the first time, and as time dilates the fantasy unravels as you wait for what feels like eternity for your love interest to say something. 


This is such a detour from your usual work..

We don’t really see it as much of a detour, rather just us being given a chance to push further on a bigger scale than we have before, but the themes of surrealism permeating the mundane via an inward journey is a running theme throughout our work – we were just finally given some breathing room to push it!

Why did you shoot it in Colombia?

We shot the video in Bogota, Colombia – this was mainly due to a timing situation for Yachty, but also a lot of the locations worked really well for the world we were trying to build.

P.S. Also catch Crowns & Owls’ skit for Lil Yachty, Department of Mental Tranquility in the carousel above


BTS on location in Bogota, Colombia



Crowns & Owls website





Directed by Crowns & Owls
Creative Directors Tara Razavi and Cam Hicks
Executive Producer, Happy Place, Inc. Tara Razavi

Executive Producer, Colombia Daniel Mcausland

Produced by Miranda Sarah Einy and Daniel Mcausland
Miles Parks McCollum as Boat, Thomas and CV Featuring Anok Yai
Director of Photography Luis “Panch” Perez
Production Designer Brittany Porter
Editor Sebastian Zotoff
Original Music by Miles Parks McCollum

1st Assistant Director Camilo Bahamón
2nd Assistant Director Danny Cardona

Production Manager, Colombia Nelson Zuluaga
Assistant Production Manager, Colombia Arnol. F Rodríguez
Production Coordinator, Happy Place, Inc. Chandler Yvanna Guzmán Production Coordinator, Colombia Isaac Meneses
Assistant to Mr. McCollum Madelyn Gamwell Set Production Assistants Miguel Rodríguez Set Production Assistants Cesar Perea
Art Director Elisabeth Rendon Art Swings Oscar Javier Martinez Art Swings Oscar Prada
Art Swings Javier Rayo
Art Assistants Diego Caicedo Art Assistants Victor Vargas
Crane Operator Abelardo Parra
1st Assistant Camera Alejandro Florez
2nd Assistant Camera María Fernanda Carrillo Camera Assistant Annie Henao
BTS Capturers Daniela Tauty Pardo
BTS Capturers Nicolas Quintero
Sound Mixer Rafael Ospino
Boom Operator Santiago Rodríguez
Chief Lighting Technician Herman Jaramillo Lighting Technician Miguel Gamba
Best Boy Electrician Alexandra Arguello Electricians Julian Montoya
Electricians Carlos Moralez

Electricians Rodrigo Bedoya
Rigging Gaffer Camilo Fajardo
DMX Controller Mauricio Sarmiento Lighting Assistants Jorge Perez Lighting Assistants Fernando Sanchez Lighting Assistants Oscar Donoso Lighting Assistants Andres Castiblanco Lighting Assistants Jefferson Vidal Lighting Assistants Rojas Wilber Lighting Assistants Fredy Arias Lighting Assistants Jeison Gutierrez
Key Grip Yeison Ropero
Best Boy Grip Enrique Hurtado
Dolly Grip Ericson Ropero
Assistant Dolly Grip Andrés Corredor Grips Cristian Moreno
Grips Andres Mûnoz
Grips Gustavo Padillo
Grips Elizabeth Hurtado
Production Accountants, Happy Place, Inc. Karen Perez Production Accountants, Happy Place, Inc. Nancy Vasquez Accounting Assistant, Colombia Anlly Vanegas
Location Manager Camila Celis
Fashion Stylist for Mr. McCollum Aris Tatalovich Fashion Stylist for Ms. Yai Nicole Chaux Wardrobe Designer Daniela Rodríguez
Key Makeup Artist for Ms. Yai Jamal Scott Makeup Artist Alejandro Romero

Key Hair Stylist for Mr. McCollum Tangela Snead Key Hair Stylist for Ms. Yai Nena Melendez
On Set Special Effects Makeup Artist Gratia Malkemus
Prosthetics Designed and Created by Omar Sfreddo at Nomad Studios
Security to Mr. McCollum DeMario Jemes
Editorial Rock Paper Scissors
Editor Sebastian Zotoff
Executive Producer Shada Shariatzadeh
Head of Production Dre Krichevsky
Producer Aymi Sanchez
Color No.8
Colorist Tim Smith
Managing Director Barny Wright
Executive Producer Charlie Morris
Audio Mix + Sound Design Adam Carl
VFX Pendulum VFX
VFX Supervisor Ryan Zum Mallen
VFX Coordinator Will Brunker
CG Supervisor Daichi Sakane
Rotoscoping Ashish Patwal
Senior Post Coordinator Damian Giampietro
Junior Post Coordinator Emily Tegel
Post Production Assistant Kevin Garcia
Catering by Jenifer Melendez Caterers Daniel Caicedo

Caterers Fortino Sanchez, Yulieth Dominguez, Caterers Carlos, Caldera Caterers, Hector Sendales
Transportation Captain Marcela Durango Transportation Coordinator Jaime Alejandra Canon
Drivers Oscar Bautista Drivers Omar González Drivers Estiven Pinilla Drivers Fredy Álvarez Drivers Jimmy Ortiz Drivers José González
Motown Records Emmanuelle Cuny
Motown Records Nathan Ledesma
Motown Records Jill Lamothe
Motown Records Gelareh Rouzbehani
Management Kevin Lee AKA Coach K.
Lab Services by Colorlab Filmed in Bogotá, Colombia.

Boat, Thomas and CV Miles Parks McCollum Lover Anok Yai
Stand Ins for Mr. McCollum Alex Preciado
Stand Ins for Mr. McCollum Keyber Prens Panneso Baby Kaylin Jhareli Viera
Parking Lot Mom Eliana Lucumi Parking Lot Kid Silvana Murillo Lucumi Dead Man Edward Junior Martinez Waitresses Margarita Cristancho Waitresses María Milena Córdoba Diner Patrons Stivenson