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17th October 2016
The young ones now
Title of film: Homespun Yarn, Darkest Hour
Director: Thomas Ralph
Production Company: Caviar
Thomas Ralph, a creative researcher and new director at Caviar – whose film for Vessels we featured earlier this summer – has won Homespun’s Yarns competition with his film Darkest Hour

Filmmakers were invited to submit their ideas for a short film inspired by Lyves’ alternative electro soul track, Darkest Hour and Thomas Ralph’s topical film focused on Britain’s youth generation following the EU referendum. “I was struck by both the divide in the country but also the media ignorance to the people most affected, the youth of Britain today,” Thomas said. “Having received such humbling feedback and responses from the kids and families portrayed in the piece; I’ve learnt as a filmmaker that when you explore something as honestly as you can, film is the most powerful of artistic mediums.”

Directed by Thomas Ralph Edited by Paul O'Riley