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14th January 2022
Six of the best creative music videos
Whether it's savouring love or sabotaging self - it's all here in our round-up of what makes the world go round

The Weeknd, Gasoline directed by Matilda Finn, Stink Films
alt-J, Hard Drive Gold directed by Newman – Wallace, Biscuit
De.Ville, Water directed by Jean–Vital Joliat, Telescope Films
Ela Minus, N19 5NF directed by Losmose, Love Song
M83, My Tears Are Becoming a Sea directed by Sacha Barbin & Ryan Doubiago, DIVISION
Black Country New Road, Concorde directed by Maxim Kelly, Caviar

The Weeknd, Gasoline
Director & Album Art: Matilda Finn
Production Company: Stink Films
Executive Producer: Ryland Burns
Head of Production: Ari Schneiderman
Producers: Ryland Burns, Cole Santiago, Eli Raskin
Co-Producers: MrMr Films
Cinematographer: Jon Chema
Production Designer: Nomad Art + Design, John Richoux
Stunt Coordinator: TJ White
Movement Direction: C Prinz
Weeknd SFX Makeup: Mike Marino
Demon SFX Makeup: Malina Stearns and Chelsea Delfino
Casting: Esprit Casting
Editors: Matilda Finn and Armen Harootun
VFX: Hugo Saunders @ Black Kite Studios
Color: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts
Sound: Mark Hills @ Factory Studios

alt-J,  Hard Drive Gold
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks UK
Director: Newman - Wallace
Producer: Adam Farley
MD: Rupert Reynolds-Maclean
Exec Producer: Andrew Law
Head of Production: Samantha Chitty 
Production Manager: Roma Nesi Pio
Production Assistant: Dalia Saeed
Location Manager: Titus Penate
1st Assistant Director: George Nelson
2nd Assistant Director: Sam Barnham 
 Director Of Photography: Krzysztof Trojnar

De.Ville, Water 
Writer and director:  Jean–Vital Joliat
Production:  Telescope Films
Producer: Samuel Caron
Production coordinator: Marjorie Gauvin
Location scout: Antoine Rivard–Nolin
Cinematographer: Alexandre Nour
1st camera assistant: Hubert Auger
Key grip: Evangelos Desborough
Production designer: Geneviève Boiteau
Make up artist: Arianne Tremblay
Editor: Jean–Vital Joliat
Color: Martin Gaumont | Outpost
Sound designer: Nicolas Gigou

Ela Minus, N19 5NF
Director:  Losmose
Executive Producers: Daniel Wolfe, José Barrera & Ela Minus
Production:  Love Song, The Lift & Violeta Films
Actors: Marianito Escalante, Camila Arroyo, Ricardo Daniel & Max Burnell
1st AD: Carlos Lozada
2nd AD: Max Burnell & Mauricio Padilla
Director of Photography: Alfonso Herrera Salcedo
1st AC: Sergio Garcia
Gaffer: Roberto Muñoz Higuera
Staff: Victor Daniel Espinosa Estrada
MakeUp & Prosthetics: Adam Zoller
Wardrobe: Paola Alfaro & Daniela Navarrete
Producers: Constanza Perez & Ana Cardona Quintana
Production Coordinador: Jimena Arcineaga
P.A.: Mariana Tames
DIT: Rodrigo Núñez
Behind the Scenes & Stills: Edson Reyes
VFX: Dan Williams
Post-Production: The Mill
Editing: Losmose & Dominic Leung
Color: Simon Bourne
Sound Design: Nicolas Pacheco

M83, My Tears Are Becoming A Sea
Directors:  Sacha Barbin & Ryan Doubiago 
Production company: DIVISION
VFX:  Monumental
Produced with the help of the CNC []

Black Country New Road,  Concorde
Director: Maxim Kelly
Production Company: Caviar
Executive Producer: Eleri Evans
Producer: Zoe Travica
Production Assistant: Sachin Chande
1st Assistant Director: Conor Joyce
2nd Assistant Director: Will Akbar
Runners: Jac Freeman-Bell, Poppy Jermaine, Nicolas Roques
Director of Photography: Nick Cooke