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24th May 2016
Resistance school
Title of film: Casper Nyovest, War Ready
Director: Kyle Lewis
Production Company: Arcade Content
Arcade Content’s Kyle Lewis continues his run of hit music videos with War Ready for South African hip hop star Cassper Nyovest. 

“In 1976, the South African Government declared a State of Emergency,” the opening titles in Kyle Lewis’ video War Ready for Cassper Nyovest . “For the next 13 years, schoolchildren adopted a campaign of resistance. Over 750 were killed, over 10,000 arrested, many more tortured and assaulted. This film is dedicated to them.”

War Ready draws parallels between the 1976 protests, today’s #FeesMustFall movement – where South African students are again squaring off against authorities – and Cassper’s own battle to succeed.

Along with the obligatory protest video images of police brutality, burning cars and Black Panther salutes, the music video is full of distinctly Kyle symbolism, from a mirrored, warping vulture to protestors in African masks.


Director: Kyle Lewis

D.O.P: Pierre de Villiers

Edited by: Stephen du Plessis

Make-Up & Styling: Kaley Meyer

Production House: Arcade Content

Post Production: 2+3