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4th March 2016
Faith, hope and clarity
Title of film: Riky Rick, Exodus
Director: Kyle Lewis
Production Company: Arcade Content
It’s been an exciting trip watching Arcade Content’s Kyle Lewis evolve into one of the freshest visual voices coming out of South Africa. We interviewed Kyle last year about his music video for Khuli Chana - see link below - but this film, Exodus, for Riky Rick is absolutely next level. It’s class, world class.

Every frame is considered and perfectly reflects the tracks. Please tell us about the creative process of writing the narrative and how it evolved into the film.

The creative process for this film was a little alternate to how I normally work. I sat with the tracks Riky gave me for about two weeks, listening over and over again until I felt inspired to create the narrative.

The film also reflects my views on the social and economical climate of South Africa and how I and many others see it. I was in a space of empowerment and frustration on how people and cultures are perceived in our country. I wanted to celebrate my surrounds and create a visual that South Africans can be proud of and be emotionally drawn to. Overall it was a push of all my creative juices into something I feel really strongly about.

How did the collaboration with Riky Rick work?

The collaboration with Riky has always been amazing! He gives me complete creative freedom, which is a blessing for any filmmaker, but most of all his music inspires me and moves me. He is more than just a musician; he’s an artist.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Overall Exodus strives to inspire and uplift South Africans and hopefully put us on an international platform because we have some of the most original and striking visuals that the world would love to see.


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Riky Rick, Exodus Production company: A Dirty Soul & Arcade Content co-production Director and producer: Kyle Lewis Postproduction: Stephen du Plessis Original score: Tapiwa Musvosvi Director of photography: Pierre de Villiers Makeup and styling: Kaley Meyer Special thanks: William Nicholson Mr Big Zootee Studios Panavision Craig Groenewald The Community of Site C Khayelitsha