26th May 2016
Six of the best creative commercials
Harrowing, horrific, funny, heart warming - it's the 1.4 global mix of advertising storytelling

Fabogesic Pain Relief: Moving directed by Seba Schor, Nunchaku

INTERAC – Piggy directed by Tomas Mankovsky, OPC

Save The Children, Still The Most Shocking Second A Day directed by Tom Green, Stink

Persil, Monster Stains directed by Merlin Crossingham/Aardman and David Barrett /Kode

Canal Digital, Scouts directed by Bart Timmer, Bacon

Elms Horror Fest, The Musical Massacre directed by Robert Jitzmark, Camp David


Fabogesic: Moving

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Buenos Aires, Argentina

General Creative Directors: Anita Rios, Sebastian Castañeda

Creative Directors: Yago Fandiño, Mathias Harbek

Copywriter: Nicolas Iampolsky

Art Director: Adrían Gambaretto

Head of Production: Cosme Argerich


Save The Children: Still The Most Shocking Second

Agency: Don’t Panic London

Production: Stink

Editing Company:  Whitehouse Post

Creative Director: Richard Beer

Director: Tom Green

Executive Producer: Jon Chads

Producer: Paz Parasmand

Editor: James Forbes-Robertson

Agency producer: Ella Sercovich

Account Director: Ariel Traverso

Account Executive: Romina Mele

Account Assistant: Gustavo Ierardo

Advertiser supervisors: Lorena Ambrosino, Griselda Aguirre, Diego Aguilar, Ana Paludi

Production House: Nunchaku

Director: Seba Schor

Photography Director: Juan Maglione

Executive Producer: Claudio Pastorino

Producer: Lula Meliche

Post Production House: La Posta

Color: Alejandro Armaleo

Sound Design: Porta Studio

Music: Rifle



Director: Tomas Mankovsky

Production company: OPC

Executive Producer: Harland Weiss

Producer: Ian Webb

Director of Photography: Steve Annis

Editor: Ross Birchall @ Saints

Colourist: Daniel De Vue @ Glassworks

Sound: Tom Joyce @ Factory

Agency: ZAK, Toronto


Persil, Monster Stains

Animation: Aardman Animations

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London

Production: Kode

Sound Design: Jungle

Executive Creative Director: André Laurentino

Creative Director:  Merlin Crossingham, Johnny Watters, Angus George

Directors: Merlin Crossingham/Aardman and David Barrett /Kode

Producer: Stephanie Owen

Head of Production: Mike Kerry


Canal Digital: Scouts

Agency: TBWA Stockholm

Production: Bacon

Sound Designer: Martin Dahl

Creative Director: Kalle Hakansson

Creative: Martin Baude

Director: Bart Timmer

Executive Producer: Ylva Axéll

Producer: Magnus Akerstedt

Director of Photography: Daniel Voldheim

Editor: Thomas Lagerman


Elms Horror Fest, The Musical Massacre

Director: Robert Jitzmark
Prod Co: Camp David
Costume design: Sofia Ringertz
Set design: Fritjof Granström
Hair and make up: Soley Astudottir