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6th August 2013
Black Knight
Title of film: Kanye West, BLKKK SKKKN HEAD directed by Nick Knight
After earlier leaks of rough cuts the official version is out... Nick Knight teams up with Kanye West to direct BLKKK SKKKN HEAD

For full interactive video where you can slow and quicken the pace with a slider, clip stills and play around click here

Nick Knight

  • Concept: Kanye West
  • Direction: Nick Knight
  • Production: Juliette Larthe for Pretty Bird
  • Edit: Carly Baker
  • VFX Direction: Drew Arnold
  • 3D Scanning & modelling artists: Kevin Stenning & Peter Valkanoff
  • Production management: Hannah May
  • Director's representation: Charlotte Knight
  • Creative consultant: Simon Foxton
  • Tailor: Ian Hundley
  • Paintings: James Tailor
  • Focus Puller: Jeremy Fusco, Eva Arnold
  • DIT: Nelson Oliver, Jay Patel
  • Camera Runner: Andrew Smith
  • Drivers: Abby Martin, Lar Fermor
  • Make-up: Isamaya French
  • Grooming: Darren Evans
  • Scarification: Iestyn Flye
  • Additional production management: Joe Thornber, Mike Carr
  • Director's assistance: Laura Falconer, Chloe Orefice, James Rowbotham, Markn Ogue, James Stopforth
  • Art department assistance: Hayley McDonald, Bojana Kozarevic
  • Make-up assistance: Christian Cowan-Sanuli
  • Production Assistance: Matt Bulaitis
  • Runners: Kane Phillips, Jonathan Cozzo
  • Wild Animal Handling: Jim Clubb for Amazing Animals
  • Animal Handling: Jo Vaughan for Birds & Animals UK
  • Vets: Stephen Ware & Nick Haley
  • Stock Footage Research: Hazel May
  • Motion Capture: Stuart Haskayne & iain Sylvester for Centroid 3D
  • Facial Motion Capture: Patrice Silvant & Pascal Langlois for Dynamixyz
  • Lead 3D Artist: Drew Arnold
  • Compositing: Drew Arnold & Scott Altman
  • Additonal Compositing: Tim Kirkby
  • Character Rigging: Maximillion Mallman
  • 3D Animation: Drew Arnold, Will Broadbent, Jason Mayo
  • Additional Animation: Dominic Parker for One Of Us
  • Facial Animation: Drew Arnold, Mimic Productions
  • For Mimic Productions: David Bennett, Bonnie Stanway
  • Additional Lip Sync: Speech Graphics
  • For Speech Graphics: Michael A Berger, Gregor Hofer
  • Phoneticians: Carmen Savu, Rebekka Puderbaugh

    • Executive Producers: Kerstin Emhoff & Derek Richmond
    • Producers: Juliette Larthe & Candice Ouaknine
    • Music: Representation Joceline Gabriel
    • Head Of Production: Margo Mars
    • Executive Assistant: Ben Larthe
    • Accounting: Brian Mullen