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13th March 2023
Nailed It
Title of film: Mae Muller, I Wrote A Song
Director: AB/CD/CD
Production Company: OB Management
AB/CD/CD’s new promo for Mae Muller’s Team GB Eurovision entry is, quite frankly, the greatest thing to happen to Franco-British relations since Concorde. A masterclass in pop polish, the elegantly framed diss track, I Wrote a Song, delivers all the choreo and camp you’d expect from a Eurovision entry, filtered through the distinctly Parisian lens of the inimitable directing duo. The promo is replete with whip pans, perspective tricks, five (count them), FIVE, different looks and the nails, sweet lord THREE SETS OF NAILS (these things matter to us gays, they’re our version of Premier League Tables). The non-stop energy of the video and its unique play on seeing things from different points of view matches the sass of the track perfectly. Stephen Whelan shot a bunch of fangirl questions over to AB/CD/CD who indulged us with some Eurovision chat and a peek behind the scenes of the project.


So how did the opportunity to direct the music video for the British entry land in your inbox and what was it about the track and Mae that got you excited?

 We didn’t know about this Eurovision thing until later in the process! This was a very well-kept secret! A nice surprise.

 We actually got the track from Katie Dolan through our reps Sam & Polly at OB Management. Katie we knew from a previous ambitious project we did together! So we knew this one would be ambitious too and it would have high expectations which we like! The track was catchy of course and Mae, an interesting artist to develop. From the first discussions we had with her, she was game for it which was promising, it was very spontaneous.


 Promo budgets are always tricky to navigate but you’ve juiced every penny out onto the screen – can you tell us a bit about the incredible team you worked with from the stylist to the choreographer to the production designer?

 I guess we learned very early in our career how to make the most of our (sometimes very small) budgets. And we always considered music videos worth it only if we were ambitious with what we’re given. Which means that big or small budgets are never really enough ahah! But on this one specifically, with the help of our UK EP/Head of Production, Sam Holmes at OB and their whole production team, they gave us full support which was stunning. Our producer Craig Dixon did a fabulous job getting us a fantastic and dedicated team. It was stressful and magic at the same time  and the tremendous help and involvement of the local production in Vilnius – ). 

 We literally had 10 days between the moment we were awarded the job to the first day of the shoot. And as you can see it’s not really a small music video. We’re used to challenges but this one was interesting! How our production designer Sigita Simkunaite managed to design and build all the sets and miniatures in so little time is still a mystery! 


Your lighting is always completely impeccable – how challenging was it to light so many different setups and deliver consistency but diversity across the scenes in the video?

 Oh thank you ! We had a chance to work with Persona this time. They are a duo of DPs based in L.A. They’re so involved artistically, and it makes such a big difference. We had long discussions about how every scene should look. They came up with tons of tasteful references and ideas! 

Whatever they planned was within the reality of the production and shooting time. Hard workers.  They make it happen! They won’t let any shot be just average… this is our way of working. 



I have to ask – the breakdown at 2:19 where we jump back to a 60s style setup. Were you inspired by old school icons like Twiggy / Nancy Sinatra for this scene? It’s also kind of got elements of Trixie Mattel going on too. There’s something about it that feels quite Drag Race (in a great way!)

 We’re French! Our national chauvinism allowed us to think only about  « Les demoiselles de rochefort »! Jokes aside, we like all the references you mention, we’re glad you can mention so many different ones actually, refs that are coming from quite different worlds. It was very important to us to show Mae in various styles to show a very versatile attitude, like if she was kinda able to be anything she wanted at any time like the powerful woman that she is. The track is somehow about empowerment, we wanted the video to be playful so it would be easy for everybody to identify with.



What was the most challenging aspect of the shoot? 

Having 10 days to prep it! Finessing the script, storyboarding, previz, set designs, styling, casting, finding the crews etc etc… All in 10 days is something we’ve never faced before! But it was actually quite thrilling! 

And only possible because of a great commissioner, trustful and supportive productions, our choreographer Natalia and her dancers, a very reactive post production studio Firm,  everybody gave so much power to put us  in the best conditions to develop what we had in mind. With so little time no bumps were allowed !


Behind the scenes on AB/CD/CD’s shoot for Mae Muller, I Wrote A Song






Represented by:

UK MV/CM – OB Management website 

FRANCE  – Le Pac website 

USA – Merman website

BENELUX & ASIA  – Hamlet website


Director :  AB/CD/CD @Ab_cd_cd

Production Company : Ob Management @Obmanagement

Ep :  Sam Holmes @Kvlto
Commissioner :  Katie Dolan @Katiedolan0
Producer :  Craig Dixon @Craigdxn
Production Manager :  Laura Thomas-Smith @Luluandred
Directors Representation :  Sam Davey & Polly Millner At OB Management @Samboydavey @Pollymillner
Service Production :  Casa Noir @Casanoirproductions
Producer :  Greta Kleinė @Greta_kleine
Production Coordinator :  Greta Germanavičiūtė
Production / Location Manager :  Paulius Norvilas
1st Ad :  Tom Wynborne
2nd Ad :  Ernestas Cibulskis
Set Pa :  Gabrielė Kleinaitė @Gabriele.Kleinaite
Unit Manager :  Oleg Lobocevski
Dop :  Persona @____persona._
Focus Puller :  Audrius Zelenius
2nd Ac :  Edgaras Naujalis
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Video Assistant /Q-Take Operator :  Mantas Barvičius
Production Designer :  Sigita Šimkūnaitė @Sigitasimkunaite
Art Director :  Sigita Jonaitytė
Construction Manager :  Linas Masiliūnas
Set Dresser :  Justė Kalnietytė, Ernestas Šlimas & Agnė Ragelytė
Key Model Maker :  Augustė Kunevičiūtė
Sculptor / Model Maker :  Gintaras Linkevičius
Model Maker :  Agnė Ragelytė, Gretė Loveikytė, Izabelė Neračionytė & Karilė Stankevičiūtė
Props On Set :  Michail Blinov & Šarūnas Dovydaitis
Mae Stylist :  Soki Mak
Mae Mua :  Zara Ali
Mae Hair Stylist :  Oskar Pera
Cast Stylist :  Coline Bach @Colinebach
Styling Assistants :  Simona Jakimukaitė, Laura Dvinelytė & Emilija Poplavskyte
Cast Hair & Make Up :  Vaida Navickaitė, Giedrė Jarockaitė & Rūta Padvelskytė
Choreographer :  Natalia Palomares @Natotonel


Gaffer : Darius Zalmonas

Lighting Desk Operator: Romualdas Jankauskas

Best Boy: Paulius Sakalauskas

Spark: Mindaugas Markauskas

Spark: Osvaldas Brucas

Spark: Dmitri Sinelčikov

Spark: Martynas Jonavičius

Key Grip: Linas Žilys

Crane Grip: Andrius Žeimo

Grip: Aidas Baltutis

Remote Head Operator: Jonas Burnickis

Stunt Supervisor: Tomas Ereminas

Sfx Supervisor: Andžėjus Šeipūnas

Sfx: Domas Lukošius, Egidijus Pliaskis & Vitalik Radik

Editor: Vincent Fleischmann @Vincentfleischmann

Grade: Mathieu Caplanne @Mathieucaplanne

Flame Artists: Flore Mounier, Erwan Bouche, Jonathan Lagache, Emma Saget & Rojin Lakouni

After Effects: Michael Lauret & Oliver Stephant

Post-Production: Firm Studio @Firm_studio

Post Producer: Johan Luce-Antoinette @Jla972

Medic On Set: Greta Galinytė

Transport Manager: Kęstas Skorupskas

Treatment Art Directors: Valentin Goret & Louise Rayssiguiet

Management: Modest Management @Modestmgmt

Special Thanks To @La_pac & Jerome Denis