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24th January 2012
Slim chance
Title of film: LG, Smart Thief Caught On Camera
Director: Hans Knaapen
Production Company: Electric Zoo
Nifty film work for LG Thief out of Amsterdam

Lionell Schuring, Y&R Amsterdam’s creative director, told 1.4 that “While we were shooting the film, there was a moment when a police officer really thought there was a robbery going on. We did explain pretty quickly, however, that it was just a film.”

We also asked Lionell whether the intention was just for online viewing or was it created for tv too?

“We see the film not as a tv-commercial or as an online commercial, it’s just a commercial,” he said. “So it has been aired on tv and you can find it online. However the film has some important ingredients that made it go viral and so it’s even more suitable for online.”

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Creative Directors: Lionell Schuring, Sheldon Bont
Art directors: Theo Korf, Nick Plomp
Copywriter: Andrew Maaldrink
Director: Hans Knaapen
Production company:  Electric Zoo
Producers: Sandra Verbaas, Maarten van Hemmen
Agency Producers:  Chantal Gulpers, Denise Willigers
Postproduction:  Postoffice Amsterdam