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23rd January 2012
Graphic details
Title of film: Justice - On'n'On
Director: Alex Courtes
Production Company: Division
Paris-based director Alexandre Courtès tracks on and on for Justice's track ON 'N' ON

Where were you when the first seed of the idea happened and how did this evolve?

The idea was to make a one shot sequence, tracking forward, about Vanitas.
We shot a maximum of objects that would refer to the song theme and lots of ideas evolved on set with the band.

What was the brief from the band?

Have FUN.

As a trained graphic designer there’s a strong graphical element linked to the sound in some of your previous work like White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. Did Justice choose you for this graphical wizardry?

It might have helped.
They might have liked some of my works.
That’s something we didn’t talk about, you should ask the guys directly 😉

What were the main challenges of the production?

The amount of elements to shoot and the post production puzzle.

While you were making this video did any ideas occur to you that you’d like to fulfill in future work?


You spent ten years in a working partnership as Alex and Martin. Do you miss the camaraderie or is it a liberation?

It is a liberation.

Music Videos or commercials – which do you prefer?

It’s not the same goal.
Of course music video is artistically free.
In the commercial world the main advantage is to use techniques and to have the ability to make things big.


Band: Justice, Track On’n’On, Ed Banger Records

Director: Alex Courtes

Production company: Division

Producer: Jules de Chateleux

Line producer: Christelle Tastet

Production assistants: Eleonore Coupry & Clementine Delorme

1st AD: Mark Zarka

2nd AD: Marie Mezeray

Cast: Josephine de La Baume & Alison Abroux

Casting: Emma Skowronek & Helmi Charni

Camera crew:

Dop: Mathieu Plainfosse

1st Camera Assitant: Fabien Faure

2nd Camera Assistant: Sebastien Transloustau

Motion Control: Yan Hammond motion control

Cameraman: George Theophanous

Art Director: Claude Neron

Post house: Mathematic

Post team: Guillaume Marien, Jeff Descoubes, Julien Michel

Editor: Jonathan Broda

Compositing: Julien Michel Frederic Brandon, Julien Limouse, Clement Germain

3D Team: Yann Aldabe, Yann Glica, Martin Trepreau, Maeva Sol, Sonia Ferreira & Dimitri