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26th January 2012
Kenzo’s blind spot
Title of film: Shades Of Kenzo
Director: Lernert & Sander
Production Company: White Lodge
White Lodge's Lernert & Sander play with colour

Kenzo has always been synonymous with mixing colour palettes and this film out of Blink’s new fashion arm White Lodge conveys that in a crazily imaginative way.

What was the original brief and how did that evolve – how much did you bring to the creativity of the idea?

The project started with a long creative conversation with Carol and Humberto – the lead designers at Kenzo. They ran through the various references and inspirations for their first Menswear collection for the Kenzo house which was super-exciting. Their palette spanned everything from interior design to 80s patterns and colourways. From the beginning the intention was to exclude clothing from the film so we wanted to think about a fun but visually quite minimal way of building up anticipation around the collection launch. The idea we had was to play with that feeling of revealing something that has been concealed or kept tightly under-wraps. So that’s where we began to think about blinds, which also are quite an 80s sort of object.

It looks simple which means it was probably a technical nightmare. Was it shot in-camera or created in post – and what led you to that decision?

That’s the question everyone has been asking us! We like our work to exist in the real world as much as possible but there were certain technical considerations around the process of choreographing all those sets of blinds that called for more… creative solutions! The installation was mostly built and created in the studio and then we worked with a crazyily skilled CG artist called Weirdcore who has made visuals for people like M.I.A. and Aphex Twin before. He put a lot of time into making the mix of in-camera and digital footage blend seamlessly and did a really amazing job. That’s our way of not answering the question – it’s more fun that way!

What was the most challenging aspect of the production?

We had a really quick turn around on this project as Carol and Humberto wanted the piece to promote the collection launch on 21st January. We shot on 10th and delivered on 16th at about 6am!