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Thai Insurance

Six of the best creative commercials

Press the Related Content button to view this week's roll of honour of the world's smartest, sassiest spots


Golden Storm

Blink director Noah Harris' insanely good stop-frame animation for Julio Bashmore


Short n curly

Filmic shorts to transport you to other places, time, and space. Press Related Content to scroll


Free roaming

Blink's Tomas Mankovsky captures the charm and the mysterious of a boys' own adventure


Six of the best creative commercials

It's this week's showcase of the cleverest, wittiest, sharpest ads in the world - darkside, hamsters and moustachioed babies


Six of the best creative commercials

Loads of rhyme and reason in this week's line-up of the world's very best in advertising films

pussy power

Pussy power

Towels at the ready, it's going to get sweaty... Andreas Nilsson's video Work it Kitty for Alex Gaudino ft. Taboo track I Don't Wanna Dance


Golden Oldies

No stranger to quotidian quirks, this latest short from Carl Burgess takes slow-mo to a whole new weird and wonderful place...


Six of the best creative commercials – Part 2

1.4's second round-up of March's marvellous hot spots from around the world


Six of the best creative commercials – Part 1

Reel through the first part of 1.4's March roll of the best creative spots from around the world

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