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8th May 2018
This is so good: This is America
Title of film: Childish Gambino, This is America
Director: Hiro Murai
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment
Doomsday director Hiro Murai has always been the master of turning surrealism into reality and reality into a work of art – such as his music videos for writer / actor Donald Glover’s hip hop alter ego Childish Gambino.

Following their creative partnership on making the videos for the artist’s album, Because The Internet, Gambino was parked for some years while the duo brought their collaborative chemistry to the television series Atlanta, written and starring Glover with Murai as the lead director.

Series 1 is finally to be screened next Sunday on BBC2 in the UK (see here) and promises to be as funny, weird and wonderful as their videos.

Now Childish Gambino is back with this Murai masterpiece on modern America where ‘guns are treated more delicately than human lives’.


This is America
Director: Hiro Murai
Producer: Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein


dir hiro murai

prod jason colon

ad kenny taylor

dp kevin phillips

prod design hannah hurney

wardrobe michelle thompson
choreography ian eastwood

stunt mindy kelley
edit luke lynch

vfx robert shobert 

color ricky gausis @ mpc
exec prod danielle hinde @ doomsday ent

Telegraph Avenue

dir Hiro Murai

prod Jason Baum

dp Larkin Seiple

ad Jesse Fleece

steadi Ari Robbins

gaffer Matt Ardine

ac Matt Sanderson

wardrobe Elise Velasco
dit Jackie London

vfx Gloria FX

color Ricky Gausis at MPC

exec produced by Danielle Hinde at Doomsday Entertainment


dir Hiro Murai

prod Jason Colon

dp Larkin Seiple

ad Jesse Fleece

prod design Megan Fenton

steadicam Ari Robbins

ac Ken Tanaka
edit Eric Greenburg

vfx Varnish FX

color Marc Steinberg
EP Danielle Hinde

Production Doomsday Ent


Dir Hiro Murai

Prod Kim Stuckwish

DP Kevin Phillips

AC Matt Sanderson

Art Max Orgell

Edit Hiro Murai

VFX Robo Shobo

Color Marc Steinberg

Exec prod Danielle Hinde – Doomsday Ent

Clapping for the Wrong Reasons

dir Hiro Murai

prod Jason Baum

ep Donald Glover & Danielle Hinde

dp Larkin Seiple

prod design Ethan Feldbau
dit Isaac Hagy

set decorator Rhys Raiskin

1st AC Ken Tanaka

2nd AC Jonathan Dec

loader Jake Bianco

gaffer Matt Ardine

best boy electric Koby Poulton

additional photography Sing Howe Yam

sound mixer Evan Freeman

re-recording sound mixer Samuel Ejnes

prod supervisor Rose Krane

prod assistant Alonzo Beas / Jeff Cobb

dir’s assistant Justin Kappenstein

assistant editor Carrie Schreck

vfx Varnish FX
 color Arnold Ramm
Doomsday Ent. 2013