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27th May 2024
Six of the best creative music videos
Six BIG AND BEAUTIFUL top drawer music videos from the masters of creative happiness

Megan Thee Stallion, BOA directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr. SixTwentySix

Childish Gambino, Little Foot Big Foot ft. Young Nudy directed by Hiro Murai, Doomsday

Fontaines D.C.  Starburster directed by Aube Perrie, Pulse Films

Dua Lipa, Illusion directed by Tanu Muiño, Underwonder Content + Primo

Travis Scott – FE!N ft. Playboi Carti directed by Gabriel Moses, DIVISION

NASKAR – nusar3000 directed by El Cielo (Joaquín Luna & Alfonso Riera), Antiestático



Megan Thee Stallion, BOA

Director: Daniel Iglesias Jr.

Executive Producer: Austin Reid Barbera

Producer: Brian Bell

Director of Photography: Casey Stolberg

Production Designer: Brittany Porter

Editor: Emilie Aubry

VFX: Mathematic

Colourist: Jacob McKee

Production Company: SixTwentySix


Childish Gambino - Little Foot Big Foot ft. Young Nudy

Director: Hiro Murai

Producers: Jason Cole and Danielle Hinde

Production Company: Doomsday 

Co-Executive Producers: Chad Taylor and Fam Udeorji

Choreographer: Shay Latukolan 

Choreo Asst: Lars Bohte

DP: Larkin Seiple

Steadicam: Brian Freesh


Fontaines D.C. - Starburster

Written and Directed by Aube Perrie

Producers: Two Happy (Joseph Goldman & Luke Tierney)

Production Company: Pulse Films

Head of Music: Rik Green

EP: Elena Argiros 

Line Producer: Fin Mulligan Wild

Manchester Service: AntFarm

Production Manager: Molly Singer

Production Assistant: Lucy Calderhead

Director of Photography: Christopher Ripley


Dua Lipa - Illusion

Director: Tanu Muiño

Produced By: Underwonder Content

Produced By: Primo

Director Of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko

Producer: Karen Saurí Marchán Aka Drama

Ep Underwonder Content: Frank Borin

Ep Underwonder Content: Ivanna Borin

UK Ep Freeagent / Underwonder Content: Alexa Haywood

Md / Executive Producer Primo Content: Cora Rodriguez


Travis Scott - FE!N ft. Playboi Carti

Directed by Gabriel Moses @gabrielomoses

Produced by DIVISION

Ed. by @josephtaylr

Ed. Co: @trimediting

Ed. Prod.: @nozkhan

Asst. Ed.: @torgier

Exec. Prods.: @julesdvsn, @alice.wills

Prod. Coords.: @cavabarder_, @laura_7576

Art Dirs.: @garden_11_, @arth.w, @camillespiller

DP: @xiaolongdp

Sound: @josephtaylr



Creative Dirs.: @makyph, @trxstxn_fxrxs

Post-prod.: @rem_monti


NASKAR - nusar3000

Director: El Cielo (Joaquín Luna & Alfonso Riera)

Production company: Antiestático