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6th May 2022
Miss Fortunate
Molly O'Shea asks Molly some questions about Molly


Molly, thank you for finding the time to talk to me.

It was really no trouble. You received the list of topics I’m not comfortable discussing?

The washing pile in your bedroom. Your mistrust of the conventionally attractive. The fact that you live in an apartment above a fried chicken shop and if you open the kitchen window the extractor fan fumigates the kitchen with chicken grease. The number of stockings you have with holes in the toes and your love life. Is that right?

Yes that’s it.

Lyndy asked me to interview you about your short film, Miss Fortunate, so its highly unlikely any of those would come up.

I’m so thrilled Lyndy’s putting it up on 1.4, I think it’s such a brilliant resource for inspiration and expertise alike.

Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

Significantly, I’m you. I’m a screenwriter and an actor.

How did you get your start in the industry?

I haven’t yet.

Oh, well how did Miss Fortunate come about?

My mum died and I thought it was really sad and funny. Mum always said the mark of a good film was “You laugh, you cry” so I thought I should take her advice and write one. It’s really a proof of concept for a series.

Im sorry to hear about your mum.

That’s ok, she was your mum.

What did you find funny about my mums death then?

It made the world so dark that any tiny flecks of light held my attention. Like the LED light on a TV in a hotel room with blackout curtains. I fixate on those too, I have to cover them with a towel otherwise I can’t sleep.

Talk to me about the director of Miss Fortunate, Ella Jones

She’s a genius. When she came on board I felt like I’d won an award. When people you admire want to work with you there’s no greater feeling.

Youre also in the film. 

Yes. You are too, I’ll point out.

I dont know why you keep bringing that up.

I think it’s important for the journalistic integrity of 1.4 to be open about our relationship.

How would you describe our relationship?

Difficult but only when you’re anxious. Otherwise I think we get on quite well. I like that you’re inquisitive.

Thats kind of you to say. I think youre weird but I can appreciate that some people enjoy it. What are you working on at the moment?

That felt barbed. I’m about to start filming Alice Englert’s debut feature Bad Behavior.

 Youre acting in that?

Both you and I are, yes. I’m also developing a feature called Hello, I’m a Ghost, which I just finished a proof of concept for. Alice Englert directed that too. I did a development sprint with Piki films for a project called Bitch Club late last year and I’m in talks about the series version of Miss Fortunate.

What was the most challenging aspect of filming Miss Fortunate?

You’re not interested in anything I just mentioned?

Not really, Im here to discuss Miss Fortunate.

Charming. It’s a spoiler but I’d say re-staging my mum’s funeral was pretty hard. We also filmed in a morgue that had some… guests?

You mean dead people?


Is there a theme or genre that connects your work?

I joke that my genre is WOMEN.

Why is that a joke?

Well because women shouldn’t be a genre but if you say “A thriller about a sentient chapstick” you have to say “with a female lead” otherwise the assumption is the chapstick is male.

It seems thats not a joke but a serious point about the state of filmmaking that youve labeled a joke in order to make palatable. 

Ummm ok.

Is it a coincidence that your work is about women and you are a woman?


Wouldn’t people benefit from stories about a multitude of different people?

Yes but you have to start somewhere.

So you started with yourself?

Are you asking me if I’m self involved?

I dont think theres any need to ask that, youre interviewing yourself.




Director: Ella Jones

Writer: Molly O’Shea

Executive Producers: Molly O’Shea, David Beazley

Producers: Alex Baldwin,  Jacob Thomas

Cinematographers: Sara Deane,  Luciano Riso

Casting Director: Leila Bertrand

Music Supervisor: SixtyFour Music

Composer: Roly Witherow

Editor: Flaura Atkinson

Consulting Editors:

Justine Wright, Simon Willcox

Assistant Editor: Alys Willcox

Sound Designer: Martin Leitner,  WAVE Studios

Production Designers: Lucie Red,  Miryam Jacomini

Post Production Supervisor: Tomas Ossipof

Costume Designer: Lex Wood, Francesca Prizzon

Make Up Designer: Laura Miles

Make Up Artist: Ruby Lonsdale

Script Supervisor: Lefteris Parasyris

Art Directors: Teresa ‘Terry’ Palamara,  Johnny Savage

Set Decorator: Ieva Petrav

Art Assistant: Mary Anderson

Assistant Make Up Artists: Ellie Smith, Rishika Sharda

Focus Puller: Emily-Jane Robinson

2nd AC: Max Openshaw

Steadicam Operator: Rupert Peddle

Gaffer: Salvador Gomez-Lopez, Leon Pyszora

Electricians: Charlie Lodge,  Luke Hambly

Sound Recordist: Joe Harris, Julia Hardecka, Oscar Perez

Stills Photographer: Lily Bertrand-Webb

Filmed on Location at

East London Mosque

The Old Church Stoke Newington


With support from

Radical Media

Shore Scripts




Cast in order of Appearance

The Queen Ant: Herself

Scarlet: Molly O’Shea

Joss: Lise-Ann McLaughlin

Sadie -T’Nia Miller

Margot: Maggie O’Neill

The Humourless Man: Ben Whishaw

Jack: Alex Lawther

Joey the Cat: Himself

Mitzi the Cat: Herself

Crying Man: Tom Keller

Annoyed Woman: Hilary Whelan



Anychii Snatch

Honey Foxx

Tanya Belmount

Jacob Bertrand

Bellaray Bertrand-Webb

Mark Bradshaw

Mohd Aslam

Ashley Callaghan

Caroline Clayton

Mike Clowes

Michele Del Forno

Moya Gibbon

Simea Holland

Jackie Jillings

Mathilde Johnson

Ivan Kingsley

Jacqueline Lodge

Paul Mitchell

Karim Nathan

Jun Noh

Elena Piazza

Danielle Sprecher

Lyndy Stout

Shirley Valentine

Joan Van Gerven

Alys Willcox

Evelyn Willcox

Simon Willcox

Jessica Wootten