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17th June 2019
Listen to The Power
Title of film: The Power: NIMMO Debut Album Doc
Director: Eve Mahoney
Production Company: Dirty Work
Director Eve Mahoney gives us a glimpse into the lives of dance-pop outfit Nimmo as they finish their album The Power

How did this project come about?

We all went to school together! I’ve known Reva since before I can remember and sat next to Sarah in French. We once actually clashed behind the music block, I remember being named Lady Royalty and losing pretty badly LOL.
We became friends, alI loving The Strokes, The Libertines, The Walkmen and once I got into filmmaking, I’d film their gigs back in the day.

Tell us a bit about Nimmo and why you chose to interview them?

Years later and we’re still all making stuff, Sarah got in touch to make a video for The Power. I was keen to develop ideas but due to scheduling differences, we couldn’t make it happen. But what was some sort of magic fate, we all happened to be in New York at the same time so without knowing exactly what I wanted to shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted to get from them; their quick wit, infectious charisma and the big personalities I went to school with, on camera.

That was my main goal. For the world to see the girls I grew up with.

What was the process for making it?

I had the idea of merging the hi-8 with 35m photography and we just found good spots to do them in. It was when we stopped filming, Sarah had an idea to film her and Reva discussing the process of the album, which we shot as well as picking up shooting in Kilburn, where we all went to the same shitty school.

Your work feels really fresh and reactive. How would you describe your style?

Oh you flatter!!! I’d hope that my style has a kinetic energy to it with a certain spontaneity that catches you off guard.

Which part of the filmmaking process do you like the most?

I really like editing, where you discover ideas, notice small things and physically put the film together.

Do you find that real world events feed into what you’re making?

Think it’s hard for them not to, but I wouldn’t consider myself a sociological filmmaker. It’s when the stories in the headlines hit close to home, when you hear people close to you suffering due to Brexit, the abortion laws, gentrification, knife crime, the wind rush mess… It seeps into you in a different way.

What’s next for you?

I want to make documentary on Faron Paul.


Directed by Eve Mahoney
Editor: Lorna @ Trim