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1st November 2017
Six of the best creative music videos
Animated fest of glorious and gory films to listen to

Nightmares on Wax, Back to Nature directed by João Pombeiro

Spoon, Do I have to Talk You Into It? directed by Brook Linder, Treeboy Pictures

Royal Blood, How Did We Get So Dark directed by The Sacred Egg, Riff Raff

Why Mud, Seven Tides directed by Florent Grattery, Baguette Publishing & Les Films du Prince

Bjork, The Gate directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, StrangeLove

Slowdive, Don’t Know Why directed by Grant Singer, Anonymous Content


Nightmares On Wax — Back To Nature

Artwork by João Pombeiro & Carlos Quitério
Edited by Gonçalo Santos & João Pombeiro
Post-Production by João Pombeiro & Gonçalo Santos
Directed by João Pombeiro
Commissioned by Rik Green for Warp Records
Words of wisdom by Kuauhtli Vasquez
Hikuru chant from a member of the Wixarika tribe

Spoon, Do I Have To Talk You Into It?

Directed by Brook Linder
Producer: Frances Capell
Executive Producer: Evan Cohen
Production Company: treeboy pictures
Director of Photography: Frank Mobilio
Assistant Camera: Steven Doyle
Gaffer: Chris Walters
Hair/Makeup: Candice Birns
Animation: Adam Padilla, Jack Wagner
Photo Editors: Anthony Isaac, Vlad Sepetov, Kelsie Pickle
Color: Kaitlyn Battistelli

Royal Blood, How Did We Get So Dark

Director: The Sacred Egg
Production company: Riff Raff Films

Why Mud – Seven Tides

Director : Florent Grattery
Animation : Antoine Presles & Caroline Cherrier
Production companies : Baguette Publishing & Les Films du Prince

Bjork, The Gate

Production company: StrangeLove New York
Director: Andrew Thomas Huang
Visual Effects: Wolf & Crow
Colourist: Mark Wilenkin
Production Designer: Grace Alie
Creative Directors: Alessandro Michele, Andrew Thomas Huang, James Merry, Bjork
Executive Producer: Tai Thittichai, Kevin Shapiro, Sara Greco, Tom Berendsen
Producer: Jeremy Hartman, Sara Nassim

Slowdive, Don’t Know Why

Director: Grant Singer
Production company: Anonymous