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23rd October 2017
‘This ain’t Toy Story’
Ben Fallows, a creative at CHI & Partners and Felix Brady, a freelance set designer, win Homespun Yarns' top prize with their fabulously batty film Winston & Daisy.

The Brief:

The theme for this year’s Homespun competition was fragments. Moments, images and experiences that grow, weave and distort to form narratives.

These fragments were given to entrants in the form of 8 clips – see here. Their task was to creatively interpret them as a basis for a short film idea.

The clips were starting points to be interpreted freely. There was only one rule: to use at least one clip, in some manner. Other than that, it was over to them.

Winning film: Winston & Daisy

Written and directed by: Ben Fallows and Felix Brady
Editor: Charlie Reddie

Directing their second film together, long-term friends Ben Fallows and Felix Brady were inspired by the open nature of the brief, and wrote ideas for all of the clips from Pond5’s selection, eventually settling for a mysterious dark night country driving scene.

Ben says his friendship with Felix is important to their creativity: “We’ve been friends for so long that we’ll always end up in a place that seems familiar to both of us but completely different in another. We’re always looking for a creative edge or clever twist that makes a film different, but we like it when these are rooted in real and relatable characters.”


Director: Ben Gough – How A Kite Flies
Editor: Chris Wilson

Director: Sam Ainsworth – Agent Ironneck
Editor: Joseph Bolger

Director:Dorothy Allen Pickard – The Mess
Editor: Jennifer Tividad