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2nd August 2016
Thomas Rhazi 1985 – 2016
Title of film: Baauer, GoGo!
Director: Thomas Rhazi
Production Company: Division Paris
1.4 has just learnt that one of our favourite directors Thomas Rhazi died two weeks ago from his injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident nearly three months ago.  It’s unbelievably sad and our hearts go out to his family and life-long friends and colleagues at Division, Paris.

It was a joy to watch Thomas develop from when we first interviewed him as a new director in 2012 with his short film Anton and music video for The Dandy Warhols  to our last interview with him this April about his brilliant film for Baauer.

Division executive producer Jules de Chateleux, who along with fellow director Helmi knew Thomas since they were children, said:

Words can’t sum-up the N1 human being we’ve lost and also a TOP DIRECTOR. 

He was part of our family and he will remain with us, forever.



Since last year he has also been represented by Prettybird in London. Juliette Larthe, PRETTYBIRD, Co-Founder UK, Executive Producer, said in a statement: “The tragic loss of young director Thomas Rhazi this week, whom we represented with DIVISION Paris, has been a big shock for us, and one that we are struggling to come to terms with. As a mark of respect for Thomas Rhazi’s family and DIVISION, we will be shutting the PRETTYBIRD London office tomorrow, Thursday 21 July, the day of his funeral in Paris.

“Thomas was a hero and a legend, a very special man to me and our team, but our hearts are breaking for his family, his DIVISION PARIS family, and for his best friends Jules & Helmi.

“We are still reeling from the premature loss of such a young and promising talent, and our hearts are aching. Yet we hope that the love and talent he emitted in his short life, will endure inside all that knew him, and that his boundless energy will live on through those he touched, and in the films he made in his short yet prolific career.

“Thomas was a beautiful director, his work artful and abstract, yet using beautifully executed narratives. A whole story lived inside every piece. His oeuvre was poignant and touching, and he always managed to nurture great performances.

“Aged only 31 when he passed away, we have been robbed of an amazing film director before the world knew his name, we have lost an inspiring beautiful human being who enriched the lives of everyone he came near. He could focus on you during a conversation, listening and making you feel like you were imparting the most important words he would ever hear. This could be daunting, yet his humour and intelligence made you feel like it didn’t actually matter whether you thought it was important, he made you FEEL it was important…the most important thing in the world. He made such a very big impact. There was not enough time in his life, now cut short, for the entire world to enjoy how he expressed his vision.

“I know he would have been a household name; sadly we have all been left hanging with this vision. Thomas Rhazi was a phenomenal talent, and with heartfelt sadness we offer our condolences to those who helped make him as great as he was, and are great because of who he was, his family, his loves and his close friends. Thank you for giving us Thomas Rhazi.”

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