13th June 2016
Berlin Fashion Film collection
Here's the Berlin Fashion Film Festival Winners list - all with links - and our showcase pick of some of the Gold winners. Stand-by for more interviews throughout the week

Berlin fashion Film Festival 2016 winners:


Best Use of Fashion


Best Production Design


Best VFX


Best Editing:


Best Original Music


Best Use of Music


Best Cinematography:


Best Casting


Best Direction


Best Script/Idea


Best Local Production


Best Experimental Video

  • xyz by Zeitguised


Best Use of Tech


Best Emerging Artist


Best Major Brand


Best Music Video


Best Personal Work

  • Time by Floria Sigismondi


Best Beauty and Cosmetics


Best Lifestyle


Best Clothing, Footwear and Accessories







Director : Zeitguised

Jean-Paul Gaultier, The Factory

Director : Dvein in collaboration with Miles Aldridge
Production company : STINK FRANCE

Bibilou Shoes, Breaking Rules

Director : Victor Claramunt
Production company : 3Tristesteasers & Ryu Media

Nowness, Scratch’n’Sniff

Director : Barnaby Roper
Production company : Cadence

Lilian Kerner, The Huntingtans – Chewing Gum and Love Affairs

Director : Sergej Moya
Production company : Doity Production & Fiyessbach Film

Comfort Louis W. for A.P.C AW 15

Directors : Louis Levy & Grant Curatola
Production company : Allexpanded