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14th April 2016
Cold Black
Title of film: Vollebak, Between Life and Death
Director: Chris Palmer
Production Company: Gorgeous
Gorgeous veteran Chris Palmer creates a film of the moment between life and death

The military elite have a term for your physical and mental state during life and death situations – moments in which your subconscious must choose between fight or flight. They call it ‘condition black.’ The colour code for ‘you’re about to die’.

Shot on a Red Monochrome camera with vintage Russian prime lenses, director Chris Palmer has worked with adventure sports brand Vollebak to recreate the sights and sounds of condition black in the mountains, using only the Condition Black Jacket itself.

With the jacket’s design inspired by NASA’s use of psychology and physiology in their Apollo 11 spacesuit, the soundtrack is composed entirely from recordings of space made on NASA’s 2009 Voyager mission.

The jacket was originally conceived after the founders’ own near death experiences in the mountains, and those of their friends. The aim of this film project was to capture the fatigue, disorientation, hallucinations and otherworldliness of the state of condition black.

Vollebak founders and Creative Directors: Steve Tidball and Nick Tidball Director: Chris Palmer Producer: Rupert Smythe Production Assistant: Sarah Graley DOP: Jim Joliffe Editor: Scott Crane @ The Quarry Post Production: Tom Sparks @ Fatiboo Telecine: Seamus O’Kane @ The Mill