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10th July 2012
Hidden qualities
Title of film: Sprite Camo TV Commercial
Director: Peter Thwaites
Is it make-up or is it post? Peter Thwaites talks about filming his fabulous spot for Sprite

What was the big draw about shooting in Prague? And did the rain present any problems with, err, make-up running?

Of course Prague is cheaper than most places, but crucially, because the art department are really second to none. They really went for it, with an energy and excitement that was wonderful.

We did actually cover a large area with plastic sheeting because of the rain – only it ended up snowing instead and the gusts of snowflakes blew under the plastic and swirled into shot!

The make up people were fantastic, working away for hours on end before we came and shot the thing.

What was your favourite camouflage scenario?

I don’t know, I loved the wallpaper moment in the restaurant, maybe primarily because I didn’t think it would work! They all have their charm, and were fun to play with.

And really, nothing was done in post? It was all hand painted?

Yep – all for real, scout’s honour.

Anything else interesting we should know about the production?

The opening shot really was that empty, no taking traffic out in post etc – the local production company (UNIT + SOFA) managed to stop all the traffic from I think five different directions, including one of the main bridges of Prague, including all the trams were stopped too. It was amazing, just pure, simple, silent emptiness.

Generally a lot of fun with a very nice team of people.

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