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4th September 2015
Pull party
Title of film: Family of the Year, Make You Mine
Director: Marçal Forés
Production Company: CANADA
CANADA director Marçal Forés summer cocktail of fan devotion and fabulous mischief

There’s always a good intrigue in your films – and just when we thought we’d nailed you as good at light-hearted colourful romps things turn darker. But oh it’s for Sitges Film Fest and sure enough your trademark humour comes through. How would you describe your filmic style?

I have no idea! But I like your description!

Please tell us about your background to becoming a director. Did you go to film school or did you learn on the job?

I graduated from a BA in Film Studies at ESCAC, Barcelona, in 2004. I studied for two years at the NFTS in the UK after that. Both universities were really hands-on and taught me most of what I know. However, every shoot teaches new lessons, and every project brings new challenges.

Tell us about making Family of the Year, Make you Mine. What were the most challenging aspects of making the video and how did you resolve them?

I was so lucky to have a wonderful team with me for Make You Mine. With that said, time restraints may have been the biggest challenge we had to face. We were blessed with a wonderful location – one of the most exclusive hotels in Barcelona – and so the time we had was very limited.

Was the final film very different from your original treatment?

Most of what’s in the film was on the page. However, the scene that takes place in the elevator was written to happen in the hotel’s dining room, but this changed once we scouted in that location.

Whereabouts are you based? You’re signed with Canada London – who are partnered with Riff Raff – so might you get to pitch on jobs out of London?

I’m in NYC at the moment, but I’ve always kept a really close relationship to London – I lived there for four years! Working with CANADA London is awesome. They and Riff Raff are a really cool gang.

What’s your favourite part of the film making process?

I really enjoy working with the actors. The rehearsal process especially, since it’s a stage where decisions are made in that very moment. It is so intense and equally rewarding. Most times, rehearsal time is very limited, which makes the whole thing even more exciting and fast-paced. For Make You Mine, we had NO TIME to rehearse with any of the main actors. Nor with Ingrid or Joe from Family Of The Year; they only arrived a few hours before the shoot started!

List five inspirations that have connected with you recently:

#PCMUSICGermán Y La Alegría del BarrioJGGKristy & The Kraks  for music… Reading Truman Capote’s short stories, Yuichi Yokoyama, Simon Hanselmann, and Michel de Montaigne.

I am also re-watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Michelangelo Antonioni’s early films, and playing Cytus all the time on my Android.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Only this:



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