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1st September 2015
Spirit of nature
Title of film: Bahamas, Wave
Director: Tyler Manson
Production Company: Acne
Filmmaker Tyler Manson captures on Super 8 the vital spark of an 82 year old totally in charge of her life. We like that. And it's for our favourite melancholic band, Bahamas. We really like that too.

You’ve really captured that quality of what “really matters in life” with your film on Carol Schultz. How did you meet her?  

I met Carol about 10 years ago through a mutual friend, the artist Jay Nelson. Carol is a legendary fixture in the ocean beach surf community in San Fransisco, but a bit mysterious as well. She is a free bird and truly inspiring.

And how did the connection between the Bahama’s track Wave and your portrayal of Carol come about?

Bahama’s record label reached out to me about making a music video but didn’t want it to be your typical performance based music video. As I listened to the track’s lyrics I knew her story would fit in such a simple, symbiotic, and lovely way without hitting the nail too much on the head.

What was behind your decision to make this film in black and white with a handheld super-8 quality? 

I wanted the footage to have an archival, timeless, almost found footage quality. And I also knew Carol would not embrace a large film crew and hates technology, so the analog, lofi approach seemed to make the most sense. I shot on an old Eumig Nautical super-8 camera on Kodak black and white reversal stock.

Do you now have your own familiar creative process when it comes to making your mini-documentaries?

I typically get to know the subject off camera as much as possible, and like to embrace a verite, unobtrusive style in shooting characters. It’s all very participatory and collaborative in the best of cases.

Could you give us the elevator version of what led you to become a director please and being signed with Acne and where you’re now based?

I always loved photography and documentary filmmaking, but it wasn’t until I met an artist and film-maker named Thomas Campbell that I took it all seriously. He really took me under his wing, had me travel the globe, helping out on his film projects and inspired me to fully commit. I signed with ACNE six years ago because I love their philosophy as a brand and creative collection. I split my time between LA and SF but can most often be found in and out of airports worldwide, camera in hand.

Please list five things that have connected with you recently…

The author George Saunders, tiny wooden sailboats from the 1960s, the music of Bahama’s and Little Wings, the film Love and Mercy, and the photography of Alec Soth.