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11th May 2015
Bus trip
Title of film: Hook N Sling, Break Yourself
Director: Nelson de Castro, Carlos Lopez Estrada
Two exceptional talents, Carlos Lopez Estrada and Nelson de Castro, hook up to create this crazy ride for Hook N Sling's Break Yourself

It would be interesting to know how the partnership came about and how it works – do you have different strengths?

CLE: Nelson and I have been good friends for a while and have constantly found ourselves helping on each other’s videos. I have edited a few of his and he has either art directed or consulted on mine. I think we realized that we were excited by the same kind of ideas and decided to give this co-directing thing a go.

NdC:It’s refreshing. Co-directing gives you a new perspective on the process. Its a nice counter balance to working solo, and it’s been fun seeing how our styles blend.

Do you think a like? Nelson is amazing at working out precise crazy timing- so are you Carlos!

NdC:Our backgrounds and minds are surprisingly similar – apparently we both spent summers in the same remote part of Canada while growing up. Maybe that explains it.

CLE: It all comes down to having been brought up on MTV and seeing a lot of Michel Gondry videos while growing up. I don’t think we actually have any original ideas.

So this isn’t a one off, you’ve got more planned?

CLE&NdC: Yes! Nothing we can share yet, but we are finding more projects to work together on. We are also each doing our individual thing; so it’s just a matter of finding the projects that we think would benefit from the collaboration.

And Carlos. You’ve signed to Black Dog in the UK. Great. What’s on the cards there?

CLE: Yes. They’ve been incredibly supportive and I am very excited to start this new chapter with them.

Hook N Sling, Break Yourself Directed by Nelson de Castro and Carlos Lopez Estrada Produced by Zach Wechter EP: Danielle Hinde for Doomsday Entertainment Director of Photography: Niko Wiesnet Production Designer: Britt Keller Editor: Taylor Brusky VFX: Tim Hendrix Stylist: Jordy Scheinberg AD: Genghis Jorgensen Production Manager: Jocelyn Webber Production Coordinator: Alissa Torvinen