12th April 2015
Art of foley
Title of film: The Art of Foley, episode 1
Director: Ben Gregor
Thanks for a good laugh Ben Gregor. We want to ask you how you developed these ingenious creative gags but that sounds painfully serious. So instead may we ask you for your definitive list of laugh-out-loud scenes from any film ever?

Films are so hard to be funny in but when they are, they ARE. Catwalk in ZOOLANDER is hilarious. Those two. Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller are magic together. Stillers character caring way too much and Wilson way too little. The Do It conversation between them in STARSKY AND HUTCH. Just so funny their conflicting energies. So warm. But comedy doesn’t have to be warm. I saw MAN BITES DOG at the Prince Charles off Leicester Square. Couldn’t stop laughing. People were shushing me. It was so shocking and it started the whole moc doc thing really.

Will Arnett is genius in Blades of Glory. A hero of mine. I’ll never forget directing him and David Cross together it was like…f**k. Those two are gold. So we can expect the Arrested Development movie to beat all these if it happens!