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1st April 2015
Forever Young
Title of film: Will Young, Love Revolution
Director: Chino Moya
Production Company: HSI
Director Chino Moya brings a distinctive style and several high-rise hairdos to Will Young's joyful video Love Revolution

How did you get Will Young on board as a love evangelist or did the idea come from his camp?

They sent the track without a specific brief and as soon as I heard it the idea of a man whose business is to sell happiness came to me. It was a good metaphor of a lot of the things I’m normally interested in and a good way of putting on a show, which is what that track ultimately required.

Was it a straight forward shoot – what were the main challenges and how did you resolve them?

The main challenge of the shoot was, as usual, to be able to shoot all of that in one day. Being in studio with all the great sets that Mikey Hollywood built next to each other helped, but there was too much to shoot and we were rushing for the whole day.

You have an ever evolving style although fabulously mad hairdos seem to consistently feature in your work. We love the colour pallet too. Is this a collaboration with a stylist?

It’s true that I like hairdos a lot… I don’t know why I enjoy having characters with odd haircuts in my films so much, but I find them essential when it comes to creating a particular world. Set design and wardrobe alone are not enough to make something believable… Nuria the hair stylist did a great job at bringing those ideas to life.

The choice of the colour palette was also another challenge. I pitched the label a colourful video without knowing what those colours were going to be. Once we got into production purples, cyans, greens and an occasional yellow felt like the right ones… Not sure where they idea came from, but I kept on remembering a comic book character from my childhood called Kang the Conqueror…

Anything else you’d like to share?

Working with Will was a very different experience to working with other artists. He is also an actor – a good one – so you can really push his performance way beyond the usual lip synching and choreography and turn him into an actual character. His management team and the label were very confident as well, and they trusted and supported the idea up till the end without being scared of pushing things a bit further.

The jobs where I need to build a world from scratch and imagine how the people and places of that reality should look are always the most difficult ones, but the most satisfying when the whole thing works out alright.

Will Young, Love Revolution Director: Chino Moya Production company: HSI Producer: Amalia Rosen-Rawlings