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6th January 2014
Luca’s 1000 miles
Title of film: Luca's 1,000 Miles
Director: Martin Kalina
Production Company: Primo
Primo director Martin Kalina talks about making his Patagonian road trip film for CEO of TBWA Buenos Aires Pablo Poncini and his son Luca

The story unfolds in an honest and unsentimental style and it feels as though you filmed Pablo and Luca in a spontaneous unrehearsed way. What was the creative and production process? Did you have a rough idea of what you wanted to achieve or did the story evolve during the edit?

Pablo and I worked together several years ago. We did some spots and campaigns together for the Argentinian market. And after that we developed a friendship so to speak.

In the beginning of 2013, Pablo told me an idea he had in mind, he wanted me to shoot him and his son, Luca, in a father and son trip to somewhere, and what he wanted to express is that, if you build a good relationship with your son, it doesn’t matter if he has Down’s Syndrome or not, you can have fun, and you can live the life you want to live. And actually, be very happy. For me, that was something important to communicate.

So we started developing the idea together, I said, count me in, but we have to find some narrative elements that will reinforce the idea. We decided that it was going to be a road trip, because they both love cars and enjoy driving together, and finally, we came up with the idea of the 1000 miles in La Patagonia, which was the perfect atmosphere to tell our story.

For me as a director, it was really hard to understand what type of film I had to do, there was no script, no storyboards, no agency, no client. My only guide was that I knew very well what was important to be said. So I worked with a lot of freedom but very concentrated in being ready for the things that for sure were going to come up all the time.

With the help of a lot of people we could produce it and we flew to La Patagonia with a very small crew. No lights, no grip, just seven people in two cars following Pablo and Luca´s car and the race that was going on there. All is documentary, it’s 100% real. Of course we created the possibility for some situations to happen, and we selected the locations we liked the most, but what was going on between them, their relationship, their participation on the race was real, and he had a lot of fun shooting.

We shot 20 hours of material! And we had very little time to edit. We had to have the short film ready for December the 3rd, because that day is the International Day for people with disabilities, and it had to go online and on air in TV and cinemas on that day. So we edited the whole thing in one week. It was crazy. But when we saw that the story was working and evolving in a clear and honest way, we felt very relieved and happy.

It was a very moving experience and I’m glad it turned out well. Pablo and Luca deserve it, they are incredible people and hell of a good actors!


Agency:  TBWA Buenos Aires

Production Company: Primo

Director: Martin Kalina

Executive Producer: Caro Cordini

Producer:  Julieta Lapebie

Pd:  Christian Cottet

Foquista: Oscar Ciocia

Sound: Andres Marks

Editor:  Andres Quaranta

Post Production:  Sin Sistema

Post Production Manager:  Sebas Lopez

Post Production Assistant:  Majo Villalba

Music Rights Manager: Fred Schindler

Music / Compositor – Artist Title:  The Rolling Stones / Happy

Music / Compositor – Artist Title:  Papamusic

Sound Design:  Control Z

Color grading: Sin Sistema