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18th December 2013
Ewww… it’s Christmas
Title of film: Rushes, Merry Christmas
Director: Martin Goodwin & Andy Nicholas
London animation hot house Picasso pictures and Rushes post production pull out a couple of cracking greetings films

Oh what merriment … press related content to see more

Rushes, Merry Christmas directed by Martin Goodwin & Andy Nicholas

Tis the Season, short film by Jens and Anna, Picasso Pictures

Rushes, Merry Christmas  Director: Martin Goodwin & Andy Nicholas Senior Executive Producer: Norra Abdul Rahim CG: Craig Travis, Chris Hutchison, Andy Hargreaves, Liam Hoflay, David Drese Nuke: Noel Harmes, Eleanor Rogers & Sarah Breakwell Flame: Martin Goodwin, Richie White, Glenn Cone, Andy Barnard Colourist: Simone Grattarola   Tis the Season Directors: Jens & Anna Production: Picasso Pictures