29th October 2013
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: Yakenohara - Relaxin
Director: Saigo No Shudan
Lewandowski VFX merriment, some Japanese gems, brilliant stock footage editing for Arcade Fire and a stunning b&w narrative out of Dublin

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Late for Meeting directed by David Lewandowski, Pulse, London
Nuttier follow up to Going to the Store

Surkin, Oedo 606 directed by Sanghon Kim, Division, Paris

Hozier, Take Me to Church directed by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson, Feel Good Lost, Dublin

Arcade Fire, Afterlife directed by JF Lalonde
Check out Vincent Morisset’s interactive Just a Reflektor for Arcade Fire

Yakenohara, Relaxin directed by Saigo No Shudan (Ayumu Arisaka, Ren Kohata and Oitama), Tokyo

Hatsune Miku,Little Green Miku Music directed by Takeshi Isogai


Yakenohara, Relaxin

Directed by Saigo No Shudan

Lyric By Yakenohara

Music By Kicell

Arranged By Kicell, Yakenohara

Guitar, Chourus : Takefumi Tsujimura

Bass, Sampler, Chorus: Tomoharu Tsujimura

Keyboard: Dorian

Vocal Recording At Avocado Studio: Kamijo “Kj” Yuji