17th September 2013
Six of the best creative commercials
Title of film: Vodafone, Power to Your Life
Director: Sebastian Strasser
VFX glory, brilliant story-telling and some really good funnies - it's 1.4's showcase of the world's edgiest and the best in advertising

This week’s line up is just a click away in Related Content:

Vodafone, Add Power to Your Life directed by Sebastian Strasser, @Radical Media, Berlin

Easyjet, Generations – first commercial from music video director Ninian Doff, Pulse Films, London

Allianz, School Run directed by Keith McCarthy, Moxie Films, London

Burger King, Genie directed by Stylewar, Standart, Stockholm

Fireflies, For Those Who Suffer directed by Andre Stringer, LA

Renault, GT Therapy directed by Felipe, Primo, Buenos Aires


Vodafone, Power to Your Life

Director: Sebastian Strasser @ Radical Media
Producer: Christoph Petzenhauser
VFX: Time Based Arts
Agency: Jung Von Matt
Editor: Paul Hardcastle, Trim



Easyjet, Generations

Director: Ninian Doff

Production Company: Pulse Films

Producer:Lucy Kelly

Director Of Photography:Jaime Feliu-Torres

Editor: Paul Hardcastle @ Trim Editing

Executive Producer:James Sorton

Service Company:Page Locations

Production Assistant: James Greenall

Agency: VCCP

Producer: Becky O’Sullivan

Creative Director: David Beattie

Copywriter:Dan Glover-James

Art Director: Elias Torres



Allianz, School Run

Director Keith McCarthy
Exec. Prod. Dawn Laren
Producer Jess Ensor
Production Co. Moxie Pictures
Agency: Grey London
Agency TV Prod. Daisy Mellors
DOP Nanu Segal
Sound Mike Palmer
Edit Stitch
Editor Tim Hardy
Edit Prod. Alice Clarke
Post MPC

Post Prod. Marianna Bruynseels
Renault, GT Therapy directed by Felipe, Primo, Buenos Aries
  •  Agency:  Publicis Argentina
  • Agency Producer:  Lila Romero / Laura Fassi
  • Creative Director:  Laura Visco
  • Creative Director:  Sebastian Visco
  • Copywriter:  Vidhi Shah / Leandro Ezquerra
  • Art Director:  Estefanía Pecora
  • Production:  Primo
  • Director:  Felipe
  • Director of Photography:  Christian Cottet
  • Producer:  German Lentini
  • Executive Producer:  Carolina Cordini
  • Post Production:  Barraca
  • Post Production Coordinator:  Sebas Lopez / Majo Villalba
  • Editor:  Alejo Hoijman



Fireflies, For Those Who Suffer



Director: Andre Stringer
Writer: Tracy Chandler, Andre Stringer
Producer: Jennifer Ingalls

Director of Photography: Julian King
1st Assistant Camera: Tanner Stauss
DIT: Steve Perry
Production Assistant: Akshay Dhalwala, Chris Maltauro
Editor: Andre Stringer
Assistant Editor: Josh Sasson

Music Composers: Tobias Norberg and Gavin Little / Echolab
Sound Designers : Gavin Little, Joe McHugh

Colorist: Shane Reed @ The Mill

Starring: Josh Miller
Also starring: Sarah Iben