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21st March 2012
Crack’n story
Title of film: Moonbootica - Iconic
Director: Skinny
Production Company: Partizan
Skinny and Larkin Seiple shoot up a masterpiece

Forget the sex, drugs, guns and everything in between that got director Skinny’s video for Moonbootica banned from Youtube and Facebook. What we really love about this wonderful film is that it’s such a blazing visual narrative shot by one of our favourite cinematographers Larkin Seiple.

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Moonbootica Iconic

Production Company: Partizan

Directed by Skinny

Producer: Jason Baum

Executive Producer: Julian Holland, Jeff Pantaleo

Director of Photography: Larkin Seiple
Label: Moonbootique
Editor: Arianna Tomasettig
Art Director: Maxwell Orgell
Wardrobe: Sophia DeArborne
Sound Design: Peter Lauridsen
Colorist: Marc Steinberg
Hair: Ramsell Martinez
Makeup: Narcisse Chico Kitabata
AD: Chad Nicholson
Stunts: Trenton Rostedt
Titles: Chris Berdine