13th May 2015
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: Noah, Flaw
Director: Takcom
Production Company: P.I.C.S
Exquisite direction from Japan's Takcom, brilliant collaboration between Skinny and Elliphant and a whole lot of other intriguing life stories

Noah, Flaw directed by Takcom, P.I.C.S

Elliphant, Love Me Badder directed by Skinny, Partizan

Ed Sheeran, Photograph directed by Emil Nava, OB Management

Son Lux, Change is Everything directed by Nathan Johnson
See making of here

Death from Above 1979, Virgins directed by Eva Michon, Ways and Means

Fono, Real Joy directed by Simon Cahn, Pulse


Noah, Flaw

Director : TAKCOM

DOP : Hideyuki Hashimoto

Actor / Choreo : Yohei Suzuki
Post-production & VFX :  McRAY

CG Producer :  Akira Iio
CG Director :  Akira Miwa
CG Designer :  Ryoichi Kuboike、Shigeo Jahana

Compositor :  Masaaki Sakamoto
Assistant Compositor :  Chihiro Hagiwara

Colorist :  Takahito Kurobe

CGI : Yasuhiro Kobari(Triple Additional)
CGI : Kazumasa Kimura(takcom studio)

Camera Assistant :  Yu Otsuka

Photogrammetry Studio : AVATTA
Photogrammetry Scanning supervisor : Rowland Kirishima

Producer : Takahiko Kajima(P.I.C.S.)
Production manager : Yuka Tabei(P.I.C.S.)
Production : P.I.C.S.


Director: Skinny

Director of Photography: Rob Witt

Editor: Cami Starkman

Production Company: Partizan

Executive Producer: Jeff Pantaleo
Producers: Jona Ward, Peter Williams

Video Commissioner: Nicole Ehrlich

Record Label: Kemosabe

Colorist: Beau Leon
VFX: Therapy Studios


Ed Sheeran, Photograph

Director: Emil Nava

Producer: Lanette Phillips & Danyi Deats
Executive Producers: Luga Podesta & Brandon Bonfiglio
Production Company: London Alley
Editor: Ellie Johnson
Editing Company: Speade
Director’s Rep: OB Management
Death from Above 1979, Virgins
Written and directed by Eva Michon
Produced by Oscar Boyson
Exec. Produced by Ways & Means
Cinematography by Kevin Phillips
Production Design by Ashley & Megan Fenton
Costume design by Dylan Hostetter
Casting by Michael Beaudry

FONO, Real Joy (Relentless)

Production Company: Pulse Films

Director: Simon Cahn

Producer: Rik Green

Exec Producer: Zak Razvi

DP: Julien Meurice

1st AD: Grant Sandy Phillips

Focus Puller: Mary Kyte

2nd AC/ Loader: James Malimatinas

Gaffer: Jon Euesdon

Sound recordist: Callum Harrison

Fight Choreographer: Lyndall Grant

Casting: Nadia Sohawon @ Appropriate Danger

SFX: Steve Taylor

Make-up: Sara Menitra
Stylist: Vincent Pons

Runner: Charlotte Miller

Editor: Sam Jones @ Cut & run

Colourist: Julien @ Finish

Sound Designer: Brendan Feeney @ Wave Studios