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19th February 2012
Snow business
Title of film: Audi, Love Snow
Director: Martin Werner
Production Company: BaconCPH
Martin Werner's big chill shoot for Audi

You can tell an epic story in 30 seconds. How detailed was the original brief for Love Snow? How did your treatment evolve the visual story?

The brief from Åkestam Holst Agency in Stockholm was fairly open:
Audi Quattro loves snow in sheer contrast to how many people are struggling with snow.
Åkestam reacted very openly to my treatment. They welcomed new ideas and really wanted my input.
We talked a lot about what feels “Audi” and what doesn’t.
The challenge was to give the spot a certain style and premium feel without losing something honest and Scandinavian.

Stunning locations. Did you travel abroad or are these all down the road in Denmark?

My aim was to find the Scandinavian truth and beauty in this Audi way, which is probably slightly different from if the spot was done out of another region.
It was our clear ambition to shoot the spot in Scandinavia not having to travel to e.g. Canada, which could have been the case. But luckily we got loads of snow in north of Sweden and managed to pull the production off up there.
Our producer and the agency producer kept the actual shooting location open until 14 days before the actual shoot which probably was the biggest challenge on this production in order to ensure that we would end up on a location with enough snow.
We where lucky, although the snow suddenly started to melt BIG TIME on us.

Some secret tips please about shooting in freezing winter conditions?

Shooting in snow obviously slows you down. It is COLD, but on the other hand, the warmth inside each crew member is an amassing force. It’s like once you go out there you keep on working harder and more focused than anywhere else.
Snow scooters and great Swedish crewmembers who are used to working in the cold were also a big part of a great production.
It is all about the right footwear and the right crew.
If you keep yourself warm you are able to keep your mind cool.
And then if you have these nature dudes around you who move in the snow like bears, you can get a lot done in very few hours as daylight was just four and half hours a day.


Director: Martin Werner Prod Company : BaconCPH Producer: Mette Jermin DoP: Lasse Frank Johannessen Editor: Peter Brandt Grading: Sofie Borup