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9th February 2012
Wrangler studs
Title of film: Wrangler, Get Your Edge Back
Director: Arno Salters
Arno Salters' loose-on-the-run film

Was there anything different about this shoot from your usual meticulously planned productions?

The Wrangler shoot was a bit crazy, very different from the way I usually work. Mark [Pytlik] @ Stink Digi called me on a Wednesday and asked if I was available to fly to Portland the next day and shoot that Sunday!! They had all agreed on the transition effect, so the brief was to build a film around it. The rest was very open.

So the shoot was a LOT more spontaneous and instinctive than how I usually work. A lot of it was just me and Shawn Kim (DP) running around and improvising.

It was a really fun and fresh way to work, and I think ultimately there’s a nice rawness that comes across thanks to that.





Director: Arno Salters

Shot by Shawn Kim

Cut by Paul Hardcastle & Gus Herdman @ Trim

Grade by Paul Harrison @ MPC

Casting & Fashion direction by Jethro Marshall & Sarah Bunter

Produced by Michelle Faucheux

Music by Michael Fakesch of Funkstörung

Stink Digital team:

EP’d by Mark Pytlik

Creative technologized by Marcel Kornblum

Post by SDPH