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Tuesday 26th Feb


Five nights gone wrong. Very wrong. New director Federico Urdaneta and dj Roman come up with a week of teasers for a first album

Federico please tell us how this series of teasers for ROMAN began.

I’ve been working together with ROMAN for a while. He’s an immensely talented, hyperactive musician in the throes of releasing his first album. We thought instead of doing one long boring promo for his debut, we’d do a number of teaser mini promos instead. A number of Aftermaths, each one detailing the end of a somewhat messed-up night.

We thought we’d do one or two but got carried away and ended up doing five. One for each day of the week. Five nights gone horribly wrong. Or right.

How did the visual stories come about, did you collaborate with ROMAN or did you have creative freedom?

ROMAN and I worked quite closely on this project in every aspect of their conception and production. For the stories we pretty much let our imaginations run wild within the internal logic of the framework. As long as ROMAN was the passive recipient of someone else’s surreal lust, anything went. In the end, almost by chance a veiled, subtle narrative arose through them.

Was the shoot straight forward – any major challenges?

All of the promos – except the last one, which we shot on DV – were shot on Super 16mm film. The crew and talent were fantastic and dedicated, but the rooster was a total diva. And we had to do over 35 takes to get the slap in the 4th promo right. Fortunately for us ROMAN has no feeling in his right cheek.



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