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27th February 2013
She is the Wave
Title of film: Doldrums, She is the Wave
Director: Emily Kai Bock
Emily Kai Bock and BRTHR collaborate on an absolute banger for Doldrums.

Two new directors who we featured recently – BRTHR and Emily Kai Bock – mix their talents to create this head-spinning, jaw-dropping wonder of a video. More, more, more please. Here we catch up with Alex and Kyle of BRTHR…

How did the collaboration with director Emily Kai Bock come about?

Emily had gotten in touch with us back in November, and we were talking about a possible collaboration. She came up with the idea of a remix video for “She is the Wave”, and we thought it would be really cool to give it a go, especially since we liked the track + the content of the video is so strange/interesting. It was really surreal because we had been following her work, had seen the “She is the Wave” video before, and were all of a sudden given a hard drive with all the footage on it.

Emily wanted to instill more chaos into the video, so that’s what we started with. We sent her and Airick (from Doldrums) a mood board and some key themes of the video, and just went crazy on it. After we finished the first cut, she gave us a lot of pointers to enhance the video. This is actually the fourth cut.

Did the editing process differ much from your usual way?

Our editing process was exactly the same as when we edit our own videos: go over the footage, think of some ideas, improvise, and try new things. We had a lot of fun with this edit though, because the track has so many layers of sounds, and that really enabled us to create a glitched out/chaotic universe, exactly what we planned to do.

The effects are pretty simple, but I guess we achieved a lot of the key effects by really listening to the sounds, and making sure each frame of the video coincided with a certain sound. Some of the effects we use a lot is scaling up the image, but not for an extended period of time. There were some compositing elements as well, and a lot of that was done in Motion + After Effects.

And just as usual we split up the edit and critiqued each other as we went along. This works to enhance our individual edits, and when we combine them in the end, they usually compliment each other. We really feel this works for us.

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Doldrums, She is the Wave Remix Direction: BRTHR Director: Emily Kai Bock Photographed by Evan Prosofsky Post: BRTHR Sketches: Patrick M Duggan